Destiny Lane Book Cover Reveal

I am very excited to tell you, that Destiny Lane will be released this year. And to celebrate, I can reveal to you, the awesome book cover of Destiny Lane. Designed by Christine Bowley.

DL Front Final - coloured title

Destiny Lane, will be in online book stores very soon!

What is freedom to you?

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Scene from movie: Brave Heart (1995)

Generations before us, fought for freedom through battles and wars. To claim their rightful land. Some battles won, some lost. 

As individuals, we all have our own idea of freedom. 

Freedom to express oneself.

The freedom to explore the world

Freedom to live harmoniously. 

Freedom of choice.

Freedom of speech.

and ultimately the freedom to live the lives we want to live.

What is your idea of freedom for your life? 

For me, its about living my life entirely how I want it to be lived. To me, that is my idea of freedom. 

If you wake up tomorrow, feeling depressed about how you are going to live that day. Find an alternative route. You might not act on it immediately, but simply think about how you do want that day to be lived. If you could work in any career, what would it be? That is the dream. What about the plan? How could you take something, that feels incredibly impossible or out there and make it into something attainable and achievable How could you one day, live your life of freedom? It all begins with this moment. A decision, no matter how long it takes, to work towards what you truly want from life.

Admit the truth to yourself, start with whispering it, then writing it, then speaking it. You will soon realise, how for years you have been fantasising about your freedom and perhaps didn’t even realise. The idea you want, is there, already formed. You might just need some creative push to get your mind to actually consider it, as something worthy. It is funny, how we can easy say, “No, I cannot do that.” And push away a very good idea that would be something you would have loved to do. Don’t push your freedom away. Reach for it. Understand what it is. And do whatever you can to achieve it. 

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I promise you, once you realise your freedom for life, you will not be able to hide from it or pretend it does not exist. And the paths you begin to take, will move and grow you, and take you to new heights that you never realised existed. 

Is your freedom worth fighting for? 


5 tips to chasing your dreams, from a dream chaser

I know all too well about chasing dreams. Especially how leaping through major jumps are more regular than one would assume, when it comes to chasing dreams. But that’s what makes it a dream, right? A dream has to be BIG and amazing and absolutely one hundred percent what you want from life.


I have listed five tips in chasing your dreams, which will help you push through the hype and make your dream your reality.

1. Dream big and take a leap

When I dreamed about publishing my first novel, Entice Me. It was a massive dream. A big dream. I knew exactly how I wanted the book cover to appear and I knew what I wanted from it. When I achieved that big dream, I realised I could create even bigger dreams and go for it.

It is important to dream big from the beginning and to never lose sight of that dream and one day you will achieve it and you will think – wow, I did it!! And better yet, what’s next?

2. Never give up and your dream will never fail

If you never give up, then you have to succeed. Your plan may change along the way from the original. But it will be still your dream. And by not focussing on how you achieve it, you will find a way to achieve it. This might sound a little cryptic but what I mean is, there is not just one path way to make your dreams happen. For many achievers, they have to find multiple different pathways to lead them to their dream career.

3. Be open to amending your plan after you review it

Along the road of chasing my dreams, I would review the progress of my dream chasing. In terms of my distribution of readership, to the timing of promotions and when and where people would purchase my eBooks. Every three to six months, I would review my progress and see what was working and what I needed to rethink in terms of improvement and new marketing strategies.

4. Discover what will motivate you, to aid in procrastination

Whenever I started to procrastinate. I would remember the reason why I started. There is always a reason why you want to begin your dream journey, use that as motivation to push through those times, when you don’t want to work on it. Sometimes we just need a little push and we are back into that zone again.

5. Tell others and more doors will open

One of the scariest thoughts of when I was writing my book, was how my family and friends would react when they discovered I had written a book. I wondered if they would approve. Turns out, everyone has been majorly supportive and the more people I told, the more I gained confidence in my own ability and dream. And even at the most surprising events, I could be chatting to a person and then end up with a new client to write for. As part of the dream chasing journey, you will soon realise, the more you speak about your passion in life, the more people will want to be a part of your journey. Why? Because your zest for your dream will be passed through to all those you meet.

The other major tip to remember is, don’t expect for someone to find your talent, show them. Many businesses or artists place websites which they never update in the hope that people will flood to their site. It doesn’t work like that. You have to spread the word and you have to get people to find it good enough to spread it too.

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Book Week



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When people talk about book week, their enthusiasm to show-off their favourite characters in books, is catching.

One of my friends, is a primary school teacher. “All teachers, dress up as a book character for book week,” she told me.

Okay. I never remember this happening in my school, growing up. Perhaps, it wasn’t such a big thing back then, as it is now.

“Yes, we dress up too,” her friend, another teacher perked up.

Cool. So a bit like the Comic-Con convention in the States.

I think that is exciting for young kids to get excited about books, especially when they see adults getting into it as well.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t love to dress up?

The question would be however, who would I want to dress up as?

Alice Cullen from Twilight? White make-up, brown short-haired pixie wig? Something sassy and stlyish. And of course those fake vampire teeth (simply to scare the kids).

Or what about the fallen star from Stardust? That could get complicated. Dressed as a big gold star, trying to walk in doors and not get stuck. But at least I would be glowing.

Perhaps Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. That might be okay, until I need to go to the bathroom. With a leotard, wings and stockings. It may take some time, to you know … undress.

Are you dressing up for book week? I would love to hear who you are going to dress up as.

What I would love to host one day, is my own dress-up book party. You know, the type. If you read my books, from which character would you dress up as and what would you wear?

For example, I always found Grace from Entice Me, to have interesting style. Combined with her carefree attitude alongside self-assurance. I always pictured flowy dresses, long skirts, yet not too hippy and quite stylish.

And for the guys, Gerald from Free to be with me. Who is a falmboyant fashion designer. That could be fun, especially when you read about the cars and house he lives in!

If you are celebrating book week, this week. Be sure to let me know what you are getting dressed up as (comment below). Or simply, what are you reading.


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A snippet from Free to be with me


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I walked in and saw Raulf first. “Oh my dear,” he said in shock. “You look.” He could not put a word to it.
“I know,” I said.
“I know it is late but did you check a mirror before you came?” I shrugged and then burst into tears. It was not my finest moment.
Raulf passed me his handkerchief and patted me on the shoulder. “There, there,” he said. “Clean yourself up before seeing Gerald. He is having a hard time finding inspiration for his collection for the runway next week.” I nodded and pulled out my pocket mirror to try and touch up my blotchy face as best I could.
Obviously though, it was not enough for when I walked near Gerald his mouth opened wide yet no sound escaped. “I came here as fast as I could,” I said as I tried to hide the humiliation of this moment.
Gerald walked closer to me. His eyes never left mine. “You will be my muse,” he said.
“I am sorry,” I said, a little lost at his comment.
“The new collection will draw upon your darkness. The raw emotion we shield ourselves from will be on display in what we wear. No longer a fashion statement, now it will be an emotional statement.”

Did you enjoy reading this snippet. You can read more through online retail stores, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

A haunting question – will I ever achieve my dreams?

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Sometimes when we feel we are lost. We do not know where we are going. And there is no map to follow. We don’t know how to feel. Should we give up, turn around and go down the same road we have all our lives? And for what, to wonder, what if I kept going? What if that opportunity was just around the corner?

I have achieved so much with my writing career to date (and I am not here to boast). Rather, of late, I have been unsure of the direction. I am unsure of how to make that final leap to grab hold of it.

I have so much to give. So much to offer the world, with the stories filling my mind. And yes, when you take on a career as a writer. One must write!! *Key to success, right there* – ;)

Writing means so much to me. And perhaps, of late, I am thinking too much of the end of the road. Rather than the road I am travelling on right now. And if that means, I need to stop and take in the scenery and build on what I have been working on and making it happen. Then, perhaps it is meant to be. This very moment. Sitting in my home office. Writing, for you to read.

It is an incredible honour to have you read my thoughts and processes. But more importantly, what I want you to take from my perhaps criptic message is. If you know what you want. And you have been working hard for years to make it happen. Forget about the final leap, which may be a simple small step in a particular direction. Just focus on your current path. If you are unsure, how you will make it to your end destination. Let that stress of that end result go and break free from the stress you have put yourself under and enjoy what you love. Being a perfectionist or trying to meet a timeframe, can become unrealistic. Do not see this as failure. Just see it as a competition to meet that target. And if you don’t get there in time, just keep going at your pace.

The last thing you ever want to do, is become so stressed about the idea you have in your mind, of having that end result now. That you give up on your biggest dream. And you may, not realising, be only a step away from achieving it. Never give it on your dreams. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Go for it. And keep going.


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Remember when you get lost. You can find some amazing life experiences, that you will treasure forever. 

Happy Sunday!

Something different


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What I love about my life, are the endless choices I can make in how I fill my day.

Of course it can become overwhelming, when each day I am the creator of how my day is to be. It is funny, how working in a job for someone else for years, I never thought much about how to fill my day, because it was already filled!

But now, now that I work for myself, as a freelance writer and author. I have the time to really make each day amazing!

Yet working from home, doesn’t mean I have to stay at home. Why stay at home every day, when I can go exploring the world around me?

Adventures, excitement, exploring, it is how we are built. To live life. It is something I never thought much about when I was travelling two hours to work and back, spending the day doing the same thing day in and day out. I was frustrated. Yes, some days, I feel the need to escape. To go somewhere I have never been to before. And now I have the time to do it.

When do I work? I work at a time that is convenient to me. 9-5 flies out the window, when you work for yourself. As well as trying to find work to fill the day. Now, I create the work I need to complete to get paid and feel fulfilled. And I do it, when I want to do it. Obviously, I work every day. If I didn’t, nothing would get done. But whether it happens in the morning, around midday during rest time, after a morning of exploration or in the late evenings, it still gives me time to live.

Not only am I doing what I LOVE and living my dreams. I get to now, also fill my day with how I want it to be.

I admit, there are times when I feel I need to organise something fun to do and not get stuck in a routine. Being at home every day kills the imagination very quickly. Especially when the tenth pile of washing for the week, is staring out.  Calling out for you to clean, because once every thing is perfect, than you will have more time to do what you want. But as all home owners know, cleaning is just as much as a procrastinator, as cleaning is never-ending. (Although make sure you still clean! Just make time for you too). That is important!

I also discovered, that sometimes after working and cleaning, I forget to do the things that I find fun. Another point to remember to do each day – make sure you laugh, smile, have fun. Because what if you aren’t having fun and feeling good, then you need to stop doing what you’re doing and do something that will make you feel that awesome.

Try something different.

Don’t let the dream feel that is too big to ever achieve. Because the truth is, you have the skills and talent right now to go for it.

How do you want your day to be?

My day today was spent three hours along the coast line, walking along the crystal clear blue waters. Being a big kid, as I walked balancing along the wall of the pathway. Coming home for lunch and complete three hours of ‘work’ – more like writing fun! And now, ready for another adventure this afternoon. I may even go to the circus tonight? Who knew, life could be fun!

A photo of my morning: