Best party of the year

Here’s a sneak peek into the most awesome party of the year … my 30th celebration.

Photo’s were captured by the very talented Dani. I strongly recommend Dani for all your photography needs. She was amazing on the night. Very personable and social, making everyone comfortable and at ease. She took to my instructions and gave me more than I hoped for. The quality of the professional images are ever-lasting, as are the memories captured on the night. I highly recommend Dani and suggest you hire her for your next event!

Follow Dani via Facebook here and/or email her at ( for a quote for your next event. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my big milestone in life. Here are some piccies from the night:

 Myself and my absolutely amazing husband.

 The entry way to a great event.


To read about my transition from the twenty’s to turning 30, click here.

Turning the big 3-0 … or am I?

I used to always think turning 30 was the beginning of turning old.

So when the year came, that I was to turn 30. I started to freak out a little…

Until, I remembered something. It all began when I was in grade 3.

It was free dress day and my class mate, ran up to me. “Oh Melanie, it’s you. I thought you were a pre-schooler.”

Too shocked, I made no response.

Then a few years later, I began working in my second job, as a admin assistant for a large company. I had been there for nearly a year, and for the last couple of months I had been working closely with the director. “Melanie, when does your work-experience end?” I’m sorry, what did he say? I responded, cooly. “I am not on work experience. I work here full time, five days a week.” He still seemed a bit lost, so I added, “I am nineteen.”

“Oh, I thought you were sixteen and doing work experience.” (Inwardly sigh).

It seems, I have never transitioned from the teen world.

On my honeymoon with my husband, we were at the beautiful location of Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays. I wanted to go paddle boarding. I ran over to the staff member who was hiring out the equipment. “Excuse me, can I hire out a paddleboard?”

“You need your parents to sign first.” So embarrassed, I ran back to my husband, grabbed him by the arm. And said, “Come on, I think I would prefer to go for a swim in the pool.” I was 23 years old.


Image via:

It seems, as time went by, my age didn’t budge past seventeen.

We soon had our first son (at the age of 28 years). When he was just a baby, I visited the health nurse for check-ups of how he was developing etc. I sat down in the room. And the health nurse looked at me and then said, “Yes I do feel sorry for teenage Mums, they do receive a lot of prejudice but generally are very good parents.” I glanced towards my file, hoping if she took a peak, she could see my true age…

Then out shopping one day with my darling son, two middle-aged women stopped me in my tracks. “Is that your little brother?” They pointed to my child. “No. He is my son. I am twenty-eight,” I added quickly.

“Oh, you look a lot younger.”

It’s not like I wear mini short shorts or crop tops mind you. I try to aim for classic, modest and elegant looks. Yet, it never seems to amaze me, how I still look like a teenager.

To wrap things up, at the beginning of the year, my husband wanted to take me to a race day. I thought why not? I get to dress up! But as we arrived, before I could even buy a ticket … “Excuse me miss, can I please see your ID?”

“Sure, let me ask my husband to get my wallet for me.” I hand over my ID and in return, I received a red band around my wrist. Stating I was indeed, ‘over the age of 18.’

Image: A photo of my husband and I, at the races. See the red tag?

And finally, to top it off, the day after I turned 30. My family and I were at the check at Costco, when I gave the teller my membership card. He kept talking to my husband, completely ignoring me. I thought it was a bit odd, but just went with it. He turned to my husband, “Oh sir, do you know Melanie?” My husband looks at me, “Yes, she is my wife.” I add in, “I am right here.” The teller looks at me, “Oh I am sorry. I thought you were his younger sister. I didn’t think for one second you were married.”

So as I am turning 30, I am not really worried… I just wonder at what age I will be, before I look 18? When I am in my 40s perhaps or maybe when I am 50?

I wonder what it feels like, to look over 18?

I am grateful for my youthful looks and hope when I am 100, I look twenty. Because, being in my twenties has been a great decade, even if I didn’t look it. Mind you, life is grand, no matter how long I look.


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Chasing Mavericks

All dream chasers, all people who want something more from life. If you really want to be inspired and motivated. If you really want to achieve something absolutely awesome, that you never believed you could achieve, but always wanted to. Then I suggest you watch Chasing Mavericks.chasing mavericks

The movie is based on a true story. About a young boy who has experienced loss and fears in his childhood. To a teenage boy, where he watches his friends go down the wrong path. And yet, his focus, his determination, is what sees him push himself every single time. To not do the samething over and over. But to push further to one day achieve his goals.

The truth is, this movie, also has same great tips for dream chasers.

  1. Work hard and keep focussed on your dream. It will take multiple times, maybe even hundreds of times, before you reach your target.
  2. Believe in yourself. Especially when those closest to you, turn away from you and your true meaning in this world.
  3. Be deathly brave. Knowing your fears, will help you really understand the real meaning behind your biggest dreams.
  4. Train, learn and grow. Before you face the biggest part of your goal. Start small. Start from the beginning, step one. And slowly build your way, to achieving what you need to achieve to face your biggest goal.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you fall on your face, attempting your biggest goal. Just give it a go. No matter the outcome. You can try again tomorrow.
  6. Ask someone to be your mentor. You need someone who has done the path before you. To not only impart their knowledge, but push you every step of the way. To show you the reality. And be there with you to experience the highs and lows.

You want more tips, watch the movie.

Let’s celebrate!!


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DL Front Final - coloured title

Destiny Lane Book Cover Reveal

I am very excited to tell you, that Destiny Lane will be released this year. And to celebrate, I can reveal to you, the awesome book cover of Destiny Lane. Designed by Christine Bowley.

DL Front Final - coloured title

Destiny Lane, will be in online book stores very soon!

What is freedom to you?

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Scene from movie: Brave Heart (1995)

Generations before us, fought for freedom through battles and wars. To claim their rightful land. Some battles won, some lost. 

As individuals, we all have our own idea of freedom. 

Freedom to express oneself.

The freedom to explore the world

Freedom to live harmoniously. 

Freedom of choice.

Freedom of speech.

and ultimately the freedom to live the lives we want to live.

What is your idea of freedom for your life? 

For me, its about living my life entirely how I want it to be lived. To me, that is my idea of freedom. 

If you wake up tomorrow, feeling depressed about how you are going to live that day. Find an alternative route. You might not act on it immediately, but simply think about how you do want that day to be lived. If you could work in any career, what would it be? That is the dream. What about the plan? How could you take something, that feels incredibly impossible or out there and make it into something attainable and achievable How could you one day, live your life of freedom? It all begins with this moment. A decision, no matter how long it takes, to work towards what you truly want from life.

Admit the truth to yourself, start with whispering it, then writing it, then speaking it. You will soon realise, how for years you have been fantasising about your freedom and perhaps didn’t even realise. The idea you want, is there, already formed. You might just need some creative push to get your mind to actually consider it, as something worthy. It is funny, how we can easy say, “No, I cannot do that.” And push away a very good idea that would be something you would have loved to do. Don’t push your freedom away. Reach for it. Understand what it is. And do whatever you can to achieve it. 

Image via:

I promise you, once you realise your freedom for life, you will not be able to hide from it or pretend it does not exist. And the paths you begin to take, will move and grow you, and take you to new heights that you never realised existed. 

Is your freedom worth fighting for? 


5 tips to chasing your dreams, from a dream chaser

I know all too well about chasing dreams. Especially how leaping through major jumps are more regular than one would assume, when it comes to chasing dreams. But that’s what makes it a dream, right? A dream has to be BIG and amazing and absolutely one hundred percent what you want from life.


I have listed five tips in chasing your dreams, which will help you push through the hype and make your dream your reality.

1. Dream big and take a leap

When I dreamed about publishing my first novel, Entice Me. It was a massive dream. A big dream. I knew exactly how I wanted the book cover to appear and I knew what I wanted from it. When I achieved that big dream, I realised I could create even bigger dreams and go for it.

It is important to dream big from the beginning and to never lose sight of that dream and one day you will achieve it and you will think – wow, I did it!! And better yet, what’s next?

2. Never give up and your dream will never fail

If you never give up, then you have to succeed. Your plan may change along the way from the original. But it will be still your dream. And by not focussing on how you achieve it, you will find a way to achieve it. This might sound a little cryptic but what I mean is, there is not just one path way to make your dreams happen. For many achievers, they have to find multiple different pathways to lead them to their dream career.

3. Be open to amending your plan after you review it

Along the road of chasing my dreams, I would review the progress of my dream chasing. In terms of my distribution of readership, to the timing of promotions and when and where people would purchase my eBooks. Every three to six months, I would review my progress and see what was working and what I needed to rethink in terms of improvement and new marketing strategies.

4. Discover what will motivate you, to aid in procrastination

Whenever I started to procrastinate. I would remember the reason why I started. There is always a reason why you want to begin your dream journey, use that as motivation to push through those times, when you don’t want to work on it. Sometimes we just need a little push and we are back into that zone again.

5. Tell others and more doors will open

One of the scariest thoughts of when I was writing my book, was how my family and friends would react when they discovered I had written a book. I wondered if they would approve. Turns out, everyone has been majorly supportive and the more people I told, the more I gained confidence in my own ability and dream. And even at the most surprising events, I could be chatting to a person and then end up with a new client to write for. As part of the dream chasing journey, you will soon realise, the more you speak about your passion in life, the more people will want to be a part of your journey. Why? Because your zest for your dream will be passed through to all those you meet.

The other major tip to remember is, don’t expect for someone to find your talent, show them. Many businesses or artists place websites which they never update in the hope that people will flood to their site. It doesn’t work like that. You have to spread the word and you have to get people to find it good enough to spread it too.

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