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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Child Today


I really like this post and I think it’s a great way to connect with your child.

Originally posted on Sanctification and Spitup:

It’s messy.

It’s chaotic.

It’s exhausting.

It’s tears mixed with laughing while negotiating about why shoes need to match.

It’s beds with too many tenants that leave pee stains on sheets and give kicks to the face.

It’s requests to watch Elmo and Frozen everyday. All day. Over and over again. Then again.

It’s spilled milk and crunched cheerios. All over your van. And couch. And crevices of your purse?!

It’s everything you love. Mixed with every kind of stress. All day then all night. No breaks in sight.

It consumes your mind. It fills your heart. It exhausts your body. It grows you like you never imagined.

It’s parenthood.

The one time in our lives where we have kids in the home. Littles (and not so littles) that need us. That love us. That we LOVE from head to toe while simultaneously draining us from head to toe.


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Casual Chic Elegance

2015-06-13 15.42.48 - Copy

A girls morning out for brunch, spots me wearing this elegant black ¾ sleeved top, (This top has been one of my most complimented items in my wardrobe.) Straight comfy-as jeans from Top Shop. (I love these jeans. They are not too tight yet still figure hugging. The quality of the material feels nice to wear.)  My gorgeous Urban Soul pink bag to add some colour. Black and white high heels. (Another fashion piece that gets many compliments!)

2015-06-13 17.05.59

The make-up I am wearing is: Revlon Colorstay foundation, Relvon Hot Pink Lipstick, Revlon Hot Pink Lip Gloss, Elizabeth Arden Mascara and Elizabeth Arden Eye Liner.2015-06-13 15.45.34

Jewellery- Swarovski crystal Necklace and matching bracelet.

Why I love this outfit:

Winter is a hard season to wear slimming outfits, as jumpers etc. can add a lot of bulk to the look. I love the straight jeans from Top Shop to show off my legs and I love the understated look that has elements of feminine and fun. Plus, it only takes minutes to get ready! A great every day outfit. Embellished with some glittery jewellery and bold accessories and make-up.

I love the full profile photo as I was talking to my photographer (i.e. husband) and it turned out to be the best photo, as it wasn’t posed. Plus, I love the arty style of the blurriness.

How to bring out a character’s emotion when writing

I decided to write a short fiction, involving an emotional story line, which is what the client is seeking. How do I convey emotion through a piece? I googled emotional music and this is what I found to help draw out the character’s raw emotion: Now its time for me to write! #Feelinginspired

Be careful what you wish for

About this book:

When Nina Morey gets her perfectly pedicured toe on the first rung of the highly-competitive magazine publishing ladder, she can’t believe her luck. Then she lands the hottest man in town and her best friend relocates from the other side of the world to help her paint the town neon pink. Nina’s life has suddenly turned from dull to dream come true, securing dream job after dream job, while schmoozing her way around Sydney’s hottest spots. What could possibly go wrong? Strap on your highest heels for a fast-paced peek inside the glossy world of the Australian magazine industry.

My review:

A self-confident woman, Nina, enters the magazine industry. With enthusiasm, she climbs the ladder and soon goes for a high level job, the problem is a jealous ex-colleague is now her boss, making her work life hell.

As a reader I was disappointed in how she handled the matter but in real life, this does and would happen.

The story is easy and interesting to read. I enjoyed it.

It is a great reminder to always remember what you are wanting from life and to not let one aspect overwhelm the other parts you love about life, or it will all crumble down.

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We all need a lift sometimes

When you’re feeling down, an uplifting, inspiring read, could be all you need to lift your spirits.

One is never to old to read an eBook, such as this:

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“My angels surrounded me and whispered in their sweet high pitched voices, providing warmth and comfort to me. I felt my heart able to breathe again,” ~Excerpt from Annabelle’s Angels

Annabelle's Angels Smashwords Edition

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How do you find time to work and bring up children?

Here is a teaser of what to expect to uncover when you read the eBook “How do they do it? 16 Business Mums share how they juggle life:”


How do you find time to work and bring up children?

“… Family time is sacred on the weekends, and if I have to work to meet a deadline I will work at night only. The kids are only young for such a short space of time, so I relish the time I have with them,” said Merryn Padgett, Earth & Sea Creative in How do they do it?


I would love to hear from you to find out how you find time to work and bring up children. Comment below!

Read more from Mums in all various industries about how they juggle running their own business and being a Mum and wife here.

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