Destiny Lane Book Trailer Goes Live

Author of Destiny Lane, Melanie Toye said she would love to see the following actors take on the main character roles in her latest novel, Destiny Lane.

Destiny Lane is about a young woman who discovers that when she dreams, she enters another world.

 “In ancient times, it was believed when a person went to sleep their soul left their body. They then lived in another world, while their body on Earth rested. The person lived two lives, one in the physical body and one in the mind.

This is my story, except this is not the dark ages, this is now.”

~ Excerpt from Destiny Lane.

The tale is a fantasy romance of which Melanie would love to see Emma Watson play Sara in Destiny Lane, the leading role. Sara is a well reputable model agent who is single and wants to find love but also wants something more from her career. Sara is independent, yet still a tad innocent and adventurous.

For the two male leads, Melanie would select Ryan Gosling to play Demetrois for a softer, more romantic male lead and Henry Cavill to play Theo. Theo is a charming man who surrounds himself with luxury. He is very persuasive and knows what he wants when he sets his eyes on it.

Watch Destiny Lane’s Book Trailer here:

Read – the first chapter of DL for free here

Melanie Toye is an author of 10 books, ranging from fantasy to romance to non-fiction and children’s, which are all available from online retailers such as Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

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Book Review: No place for a dame

Book Cover First Impressions:

I did reflect back during the course of the novel (especially in the first couple of chapters) to see if the woman on the front depicted Avery or the recently engaged woman that was to marry Giles.


About this book:

Historical Romance – Genre

Beautiful, bold, and brilliant Avery dreams of becoming a member of the Royal Astronomical Society—and the only way she can join the all-male society is to disguise herself as a boy. After helping Giles, Lord Strand, escape a disastrous engagement, she is certain he will assist in her daring masquerade. No lady would ever come up with such a preposterous scheme, and no gentleman would accept…but fortunately for Avery, Giles is no gentleman.

A bargain is struck between the stargazing adventuress and society’s most sophisticated lord. He will sponsor her as his prodigy and she will cover for him as he hunts London’s darkest warrens for a missing colleague from his shadowy past. But time and again, Giles finds his quest compromised by his fierce and unwise attraction to the lovely girl who, though no lady, may well be the one dame to finally unlock the secrets of his heart.

My review:

From the get go I was intrigued of Giles Dalton, the Marquess of Strand and his high society world, where power, riches and wit are at the forefront of his life. Even more interesting was the character Avery. A woman who seemed out spoken, fiery and untamed. Her charisma for learning in a time where women were not allowed to become members of intelligent clubs, it was most interesting to watch her transform into pretending to be a man to have her mind recognised for its brilliance.

I found this story to be filled with romance, wit and mystery.

I enjoyed the plot, the setting and the build-up between the characters.

Click here to read a free sample of the book on Amazon.

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From one of my readers

I just love hearing from my readers and how much they enjoy reading my books!

Calie sent me in these  pictures of her enjoying reading my latest paperback copy of Destiny Lane.

It is here!!!! So excited!!! ~ Calie


Can’t put it down. Almost finished already! ~Calie

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

Finished it! It is a good book. I like how you’ve managed to tie both worlds together and managed to keep the romance. Very cute! ~ Calie

Thanks Calie, I also loved how you gave me updates from when you received the book that morning at 8.45am and then when you finished the book at 2pm the same day!

I am so glad it was a riverting read for you and that you couldn’t put it down!

Book review: Slay it with flowers

Initial thoughts: I nearly didn’t read this book, simply because I thought it was about vampires, purely based on the front cover. However, to my happiness, I am so glad I did read this book – no vampires, plus it was an interesting mystery.

About this book:

Slay It with Flowers (A Flower Shop Mystery #2)


by Kate Collins

Law school drop-out-turned-flower shop owner Abby Knight has been asked to be a bridesmaid by her cousin. But before the couple says “I do,” a groomsman disappears-and another member of the wedding party is found dead. Abby has to hurry down an aisle of suspects to unveil the truth-and make sure the bride still gets to the church on time.

My review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. The extra characters were fun and sexy. I felt it compared a little to Janet Evanovich’s Stephenie Plum Series, with certain aspects. And who doesn’t love Evanovich’s books? I love the conflict Abby has with trying not to meddle but then is also told to meddle by her cousin, who is getting married and Abby is supplying the wedding flowers. The real interest comes along when a new store appears, a massage parlor for men only. Abby wants to get to the bottom of this business, thinking it must be a whore house rather than a massage parlor. However during her investigation, problems arise and threats appear, leaving the reader wondering what Abby will uncover.

And then of course other situations arise, a groomsman ends up dead, while another goes missing. Every one is a suspect. And of course Abby’s cousin, the bride, makes Abby investigate who the killer may be, all before the wedding date.

Although this may sound dark, the writing style is light and intriguing. I enjoyed this read and highly recommend it. I did not actually realise till writing this review that it was part of a series, however it did not affect the story line whatsoever.

5 reasons why businesses need writers


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Professional writers are able to take your idea for your business and help you build upon it. Create content that hosts informative information about your business. To making it engaging and relatable as well as enticing, is the writer’s role.

Here are 5 top reasons why businesses need writers:

1. To draw in a larger audience.

2. To give time back to the business, by giving someone else the task rather than the business owner spreading themselves too thin.

3. To keep business. Customers can be disloyal, especially when online buying is the new rage. Yet, if your business is seen to be connecting with buyers through blog style content, then you have a much higher chance of keeping your customers, loyal and buying from you.

4. Writers, can put you on the front page of Google search engines simply via a matter of utilising the right key words within the content.

5. Writers, have the ability to take what is in your head and put it into words that entice, engage and help sell your products and services.

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Holding the magic in my hand

Today, I not only have 10 eBooks to my name but now I also have in my hands – my very first paperback novel – Destiny Lane.

To say I am excited, over joyed, thrilled … is not enough.


To see the magic of my pen to paper come alive in print, is truly magical.

I hope you get a chance to read my latest novel, Destiny Lane. A fictional fantasy romance that entails the mystical realms of different worlds, the tangle of past life experiences and what awaits in the present. Not to mention love!

As an author, I would love for you to share this post with everyone and let me know what you think of my book once you read it.


Melanie Toye

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

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