Become an Affiliate

I have recently created my own online store. I am offering bloggers and website owners the chance to become an affiliate. I will pay a generous $50-$100 AUD per sale in commission (20%) from my writing products, my 4 week Mentorship Program for want-to-be paid freelance writers and my 5 week eBook guide.

As an affiliate, if you advertise my 4 week Mentorship Program for want-to-be paid freelance writers and my 5 week eBook guide on your website/blog site and somebody clicks on the advertisement, goes to my online store and buys it, you will receive 20% of the sale price, in commission, which equates to $50-$100 AUD.

I am using an affiliate program called, this way when you register with them (for free) you can search for my business name, Melanie Toye and add my online banners to your website. Then when somebody clicks on the banner from your website and purchases the product from my online store, ClixGalore tracks the sale back to you. You can easily see how many clicks were received and how many sales you have made from ClixGalore and most importantly, get paid. For more information, check out their website:

As a writer and a family to support, I know it can be hard to earn some extra cash when the budget is tight already and time is limited. Being an affiliate, means all you have to do is spend 10-20 minutes setting up the widget/banner on your site (ClixGalore will provide clear instructions on how to do this) and then you are ready to earn passive income.

When we work together, we all help each other.





Banner Samples:

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