You can bring fantasy to reality

Have you seen Katy Perry’s film clip Dark Horse? I loved watching her perform this in her live show. I just adore the film clip – so imaginative, creative and reminds me:

we can create anything the way we really want to see it. ~ Melanie Toye

Watch it here:

A writer’s break = dancing fun

A writer typically sits down to craft their art. Now its hitting winter in Australia. My hands are getting ice-cold and I am finding it hard to type. Also let’s face it, I have so much energy due to the exciting story ideas going around in my head. I need to let it out.

Here is one awesome way I take a break. Not only will it get your heart rate up, it’s only four minutes out of your time and will get you pumped and ready to keep writing. Need a break, or just something to motivate you to begin, then do this. Don’t just watch it. Dance! Nobody is watching. It is just you in the study, dancing your heart out for four minutes. Follow the moves and if you don’t get the moves, make your own. This will put a smile on your face, even if you are in your pajama’s. And in winter, it will warm up your fingers to get you typing in no time!

Need a break from sitting down and writing, take four minutes. Do it now. Go on, have some fun!!

I am still breathless after dancing and writing this, but  I feel awesome!!

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever wanted to achieve something so bad that you wished for it to come true every night before your closed your eyes?


Have you ever spent hours doing what you love only to realise how quick time passed?

Have you ever looked at your life right at this moment and realised how far you have travelled?

Chasing your dreams can be a long journey but through the rollercoaster ride, one thing keeps you going – the end result. To achieve your dreams, the end can seem so far away but as each day you put time towards it, you inch closer and closer.

And then one day you have that one moment when all your hard work, dedication and passion has built over time and you have achieved your desired goal.

You celebrate, you are over the moon. You cannot stop smiling as you look back and see how much you achieved to get to this one perfect moment.

You realise that this is not the end of your dream but only the beginning. Now you set your heights even higher, dream bigger and achieve greater.

All you need is that one dream, that one BIG dream and once you start there is no stopping you. Because why would you not dedicate time to something in life that makes you feel good?

Dream BIG, enjoy the journey and celebrate every moment along the way.

Letting go

As some of you know, for four years I owned, managed and ran in its entirety, my online dance business, called Dance Phenomenon.

I loved my business, as it held an unlimited amount of possibilities. Each month as I sat down to brainstorm on improvements, new products and fresh marketing tactics I was always surprised at the amount of ideas that flowed from pen to paper.

As time went on, I became a Mother and my real dream career – becoming a paid writer, started to take off. Dance Phenomenon was pushed to the back of the pile of my long lists of tasks to compete. Every time I thought about pulling the plug, a new opportunity with Dance Phenomenon presented itself. However with the mounting pressures of my workload, I have to let go of my online dance business. I love dance, I love promoting dance and more importantly I love to see people grow from what dance brings into their lives.

But as much as dance is apart of my younger years, my writing path is much more part of who I am now. Holding on to a childhood dream isn’t who I am right now, so to follow it is not going to be as fulfilling.

Letting go of what I thought I wanted and once I made that step in closing the business down. I felt free. Not trapped. Which is always been a sign for me that I have made the right choice.

What is trapping you in life? Set yourself free today and focus on who you are as a person right at this moment. Because who you are now, is much more important than who you were ten years ago. You have grown and have learned many lessons in becoming who you are today. Be proud of you. Because right now, you are perfect.

To all my dance fans and supporters, thank you so much for going on my dance entrepreneur journey. I hope to continue to hear your achievements and more importantly that you are following your dreams, as I am mine.


How music can change my mood in an instant.

I love music. Feeling like I need to relax, I hit play on the Enya CD and let my body relax.

Why not jump into some beats and hit the play button on Step Up 3D soundtrack. Makes me want to get up and dance? So why not? Let’s dance.

Don’t you feel sometimes dancing calms your mind easier and quicker than anything else? So get up, put you’re favourite dance track on and dance. And not just dance, dance sexy, dance hot. Imagine your in a the Caribbean, on a private boat in a private party with the sexiest people around, feeling hot. Great, you’re meant to. Dancing is on of those moments in time where nothing else matters but you and how you feel right at the moment. It’s living in the moment. Leave your stresses behind on the dance floor.

Bust at your moves. Put all your energy into each move. Relax your face and hey give a little smile. Do you feel free? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel energised? Perhaps even happy? This is how dancing feels to me. But oh so much more than that. Sure funk dancing spurs on my spirit. Yet that’s only just one style.

I love to turn on JLO tunes and pretend I am in Spain wearing my high heels and twisting my body while moving quickly makes me feel like I have entered another world. Flirty and fun. Flick your hair and turn and walk to the back. Turn your head back and give a wink. You want to make them drool.

Ok so now its time to feel the earth through your soul through the movement of your lower body. Lots of lounges, head rolls, long lines. Contemporary here we come. Although we used a lot of high energy for the first two types of dance. Now we turn to a different type of energy. The type that dances from your soul. Use big movements, long arms, controlled jumps, turns, pointed and flexed feet. Oh let your soul reign. Feel the beat. Let the rhythm take control over your movement.

How do you feel now? At peace with yourself?

Through all these movements of dance you build confidence in yourself and accept all of who you are, faults and all. Leaving the daily small negative stuff behind. You have now centered your being to focus on you and how you want to feel each moment of every day. Powerful stuff.

Dance is powerful. You should try it.

Dancing is natural

It is interesting how many people I meet who believe they have come to a specific age which they feel time has now passed to follow their dreams. And perhaps they feel being an adult means it is childish to have dreams.

Just one of the things I love to do is dance. I believe anyone can dance. And I have proven this many times, over and over. I have taught people who have never danced in their lives to not only dance, but dance well and to perform! So it surprises me when someone who has danced for most of their childhood fears to return to dance after so many years. Dancing is natural, it is a part of us that allows our soul to be set free. Yet we hide behind fear. Scared of rejection.

I believe this also comes from the urge to be perfect. As a ballerina, one strives for perfection. Yet does one ever get there? And what does one class as perfection? Someone could perform purely from their heart, perhaps not be as great a technical dancer as someone more experienced. But the performance would move anyone watching. Why? Because this person knew that letting one’s emotion be expressed is a true form of art. They have released fear of not being good enough, and fear of not being liked and just danced.

Think about something that you have held yourself back from? What is stopping you from proceeding? I could list thousands of reasons. Yet if we take away the fear and transfer this emotion to belief. Belief in oneself. Now tell me what do you want to achieve?

Dream big. But don’t just dream. Do it.