Dreams are meant for chasing


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Have you day dreamed lately?

It seems that lately I don’t even know what rest is. Except for when I crash at bed time. I have been pushing everything into every possible time slot I have. This suits me, don’t get me wrong. I struggle when I don’t have the energy to do anything, because I feel I am wasting my time.

But every Saturday, I used to spend a couple of hours day dreaming. I would either paint, something my entire life I have felt I was never good at, so never did. Yet, I started painting when I had children and buy us all posters and paint and decorate our home with an art gallery that was truly treasured.

Or spend the time, choergraphing a dance that may never get performed.


During these times of creativeness, my brain would be free to roam. Imagining what it would be like to live my dreams and live as a creative being. I must admit, I already am living the creative life, I have embraced it. As it is me. I am creative. I can be business, corporate and a marketer but ultimately my passion lies in creativity.

So why did I stop dreaming?

A part of me forgot that to dream, I must stop what I am doing and just be. Live in the moment that is real.

A part of me was too tired to really even give my brain a chance to reconnect with my soul.

And a part of me just let life take over and push aside my day dreams with tasks that I deemed important at the time, yet really, what could be more important?

What happened when I stopped dreaming?

My smile started to slip. My eyes started to draw tears more easily. I started to wonder if I would ever get a chance to breathe, really breathe. I waited and waited, would my opportunity ever happen again?

Then one day, my youngest child wanted to go to the playground. We spent hours there, normally just a quick walk through to get back home. I sat down, with my legs on the steps and realised, in this moment, I can breathe. My child is laughing gorgeously as he runs freely on the grass and I watch him in awe. This is what we all need. Time to roam freely.

For me it was sitting there, under the sun, with the birds singing, my child playing and me, just breathing.

When was the last time you let yourself roam free? I dare you to try it right now. Take a breath, put on some music, get outdoors and just imagine how you really want to live your life. Let your mind take you there and let your soul feel the life you want.





When you’re ready to start your own business look no further than my online courses

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When you’re ready to start your own business look no further than my online courses.

Online courses provide great value. Instead of not knowing where to begin, Melanie Toye’s online courses gives you the path to follow.

What do you need to know before you start a business?

When starting your own business you need to consider a couple of things:
  • Do you have enough start up cash flow to pay for your wage until your business grows?
  • Or can you start your business while still working in your job? With down the track goals of reducing your hours to eventually working full time in your own business.

What are you passionate about in life?

Starting your own business isn’t just about money, obviously you do need it to earn an income but your business should be about an industry that you are passionate about.

“With out passion you don’t have energy, with out energy you have nothing.” ~ Donald Trump

When you have the added passion of what you love to do, selling your products and services becomes much easier than if you were to start up a business that makes a lot of money but does nothing for your soul.
Making money is good but just making money is just like getting a job to pay your bills. After a year, you will be over it and will do anything to find something better. Instead, focus on the career path you want now and do whatever you can to learn what you need to make it happen.
For me, it’s writing and being an online trainer and creative being. That’s the courses I provide. Everything I have experience in but also what I want to teach others in. If it’s a subject I have no desire in, it’s not something I want to train others in. That’s why I believe my courses are unique because they offer the fun and creative pathways that the traditional pathways don’t. The best part is, you have the full control of your success and time.

Start your own business as a freelance writer

By becoming a freelance writer for example, you get to choose the jobs you accept that make most of your time for the right funds. In addition, you can choose the hours you work. I used to write from the evening to the early hours and then spend the day bringing up my children and showing them the adventures that life brings. The flexibility for me was worth it. In addition, I had great clients, great referrals and was making extra money to spend on my family and do the things we couldn’t afford to do. Instead of doing the 9-5 job, working full time and never seeing my family.
  • It all comes down to what are your priorities in life?
  • What do you want from your life?
  • Why do you want it?

Once you uncover these three questions you will be easily be able to find the right path for you.

Start your own business to provide flexibility to your lifestyle

For example my business course for Mums is great for Mums who are wanting to start a business from home. If you’ve got six months at home or more before you have to return to work, why not begin the first part of your business and get it moving so one day you can leave work and work entirely for yourself and be home for your children during school holidays etc. It’s a long term viewpoint rather than just returning to your day job with no future goals. It’s important to know there are other ways to make your dreams come true.
“Don’t let your dreams just be dreams” ~ Anon.

Ever wondered what to do in life?


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During my school life, I never really had an idea of what I wanted to do when I left school, some ideas were:

  • become a surf life saver,
  • become a ballerina for the Australian Ballet
  • and more …

After I left school and entered the job force, I read many books to try and find what career I really wanted to be in. None of these books gave me the answer. I wanted to be shown exactly what I should do!

It wasn’t until my late twenties where I started playing around with characters. I had no idea that I was going to turn it into a story but one thing led to another and out popped a story (actually it didn’t just magically happen, it took a good year to finish it and then another 1-2 years to lose it and rewrite it. And by lost I mean, my computer crashed)(important note – always back-up your work!)

Once I had my first child, I had the courage to publish my novel. Not just publish it, go on a 3 month marketing campaign to promote it. I discovered what I wanted to do as a career in life, write.

Ever since that journey into the unknown, a roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences, I have never wanted anything more than to turn writing into my career.

I realised there is this big wide world that is ready to be explored and experienced and here I was in a small desk space, bored and feeling like this is all the world could offer me but once I started exploring my true passions in life, the world’s view expanded and grew and instead of feeling limitations placed upon me, I felt free.

It’s important to fight for your freedom and your passions. It’s also important to know that what you have right now, may not be what you want and to know that you can go on a journey, like I did to really discover where your true passions lie.

The great part is, instead of fumbling around in the dark, like I did as I self-taught myself everything about writing, I have online courses for you, which provide easy instructions to get you exactly what you want in life, freedom to do what you love.

Visit my online store here: https://store7784056.ecwid.com/#!/Melanie-Toyes-online-courses/c/18537002/offset=0&sort=normal

I would like to hear what your true passions in life are, by commenting in the comments below.



Have the fire and ignite only when you have to

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It’s interesting isn’t it when you go through life and look back on certain events. I remember a particular occassion that I felt completely wronged yet the person who had wronged me had assumed (wrongly) that I would not stand up for what I believed in. He kept pushing and pushing, as much as I hate conflict this was one event that I had to battle.

In my heart I knew it was what I had to do. I also knew that if I didn’t stand up for what was right, then this person would continually treat others with major disrespect.

About a year ago, I was losing my fire, I just felt like may be after all my fight in chasing my dreams, may be I should just give up. It was taking too long, was I even getting anywhere? At first, it was not just my dream to achieve, but a big dream that was for my children to witness and when they were ready to follow, chase their own dreams.

I had a person, who I had never met before, come to my home. She respectfully asked me, if she could tell me something… “You have lost your fire,” she said. She told me that she was driving to my home and saw a great big fire at my house but when she drove to the front of it, the fire dissipated.”

We had a little chat about how I just felt my dream was getting pushed away, I felt exhausted and run down and all those lies that we give ourselves I started to believe. Every day I had slowly told myself how I didn’t need to live my dreams anymore, that it was too hard with children and growing a family and that I should just accept the track I was on.

Thankfully, after I spoke with her, I realised that the lies I was telling myself were complete bullcrap! (And excuse me, I don’t normally add bad words to my written word, however, I want you to know how wrong it was!).

My dreams are everything, they are the cumbersome of who I am and to give up on them would only lead to a life filled with no passion, no excitement, no dreams… how sad.

Having fire is important, having the dream cemented in your brain more so. You need the dreams and you need the fire to go chase your dreams. Now spread your wings and fly. Big dreams aren’t achieved over night that’s why they are big!

Pass this onto someone who might need to read it.

Destiny Lane and the truth about dreams

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“I wake up drenched in sweat. I look around my surroundings. I am in my apartment, in my five year old bed. Although I know what I had just experienced was not a dream. It is the only word I can use to get my head around what just happened, without totally losing it. This ‘dream’ was unlike any other, so real, so terrifying and yet so wonderful,” ~ Excerpt from Destiny Lane.

Read – the first chapter of Destiny Lane for free here

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Fear or intrigue?

“Who are you?” I ask.
The man lets his gaze linger just a bit longer when he takes a step back. “Who do you think I am?”
I am not too sure. My gravest fear involves him being the Angel of Death. However there is something about his eyes. A meaning held deep within. ~ Excerpt from Destiny Lane by Melanie Toyetumblr_mwqs9jXMfx1somvlfo1_1280

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The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye in My Town Magazine

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The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

(This article was published in My Town Magazine http://www.joomag.com/magazine/my-town-magazine-digital-26th-november-2014/0389934001417052251?short).

Christmas is a great time to hunt for the perfect gift. That perfect gift might be right under your nose. With physical and online shelves filled with books. Books always make a great gift, because they last in the minds of the reader long after being read.

And books which push the boundaries of thinking and create a space for one’s imagination, to be filled with new and interesting content, is a book that every reader will want to get their hands on.

Twilight and Harry Potter books are an excellent example of what readers want from fantasy novels. They want creative scenes, interesting characters, action, entertainment and a touch of romance. Reader’s want it all.

Melanie Toye, author of 9 eBooks believes, Destiny Lane offers the above and more. Destiny Lane is a fantasy fiction novel that captures the essence of living in multiple worlds at once, through one’s dreams.

Through the world hopping experience, Sara is continually being pushed mentally by dealing with a world that has no greed, no war and where peace reigns. A world, where what one wants, it is immediately provided. Can you imagine such a world?

With Sara experiencing two love interests in one world, to being a princess in a past life and an army leader in another, she needs to find out what this life experience will entail.

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Chasing Mavericks

All dream chasers, all people who want something more from life. If you really want to be inspired and motivated. If you really want to achieve something absolutely awesome, that you never believed you could achieve, but always wanted to. Then I suggest you watch Chasing Mavericks.chasing mavericks

The movie is based on a true story. About a young boy who has experienced loss and fears in his childhood. To a teenage boy, where he watches his friends go down the wrong path. And yet, his focus, his determination, is what sees him push himself every single time. To not do the samething over and over. But to push further to one day achieve his goals.

The truth is, this movie, also has same great tips for dream chasers.

  1. Work hard and keep focussed on your dream. It will take multiple times, maybe even hundreds of times, before you reach your target.
  2. Believe in yourself. Especially when those closest to you, turn away from you and your true meaning in this world.
  3. Be deathly brave. Knowing your fears, will help you really understand the real meaning behind your biggest dreams.
  4. Train, learn and grow. Before you face the biggest part of your goal. Start small. Start from the beginning, step one. And slowly build your way, to achieving what you need to achieve to face your biggest goal.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you fall on your face, attempting your biggest goal. Just give it a go. No matter the outcome. You can try again tomorrow.
  6. Ask someone to be your mentor. You need someone who has done the path before you. To not only impart their knowledge, but push you every step of the way. To show you the reality. And be there with you to experience the highs and lows.

You want more tips, watch the movie.

5 tips to chasing your dreams, from a dream chaser

I know all too well about chasing dreams. Especially how leaping through major jumps are more regular than one would assume, when it comes to chasing dreams. But that’s what makes it a dream, right? A dream has to be BIG and amazing and absolutely one hundred percent what you want from life.


I have listed five tips in chasing your dreams, which will help you push through the hype and make your dream your reality.

1. Dream big and take a leap

When I dreamed about publishing my first novel, Entice Me. It was a massive dream. A big dream. I knew exactly how I wanted the book cover to appear and I knew what I wanted from it. When I achieved that big dream, I realised I could create even bigger dreams and go for it.

It is important to dream big from the beginning and to never lose sight of that dream and one day you will achieve it and you will think – wow, I did it!! And better yet, what’s next?

2. Never give up and your dream will never fail

If you never give up, then you have to succeed. Your plan may change along the way from the original. But it will be still your dream. And by not focussing on how you achieve it, you will find a way to achieve it. This might sound a little cryptic but what I mean is, there is not just one path way to make your dreams happen. For many achievers, they have to find multiple different pathways to lead them to their dream career.

3. Be open to amending your plan after you review it

Along the road of chasing my dreams, I would review the progress of my dream chasing. In terms of my distribution of readership, to the timing of promotions and when and where people would purchase my eBooks. Every three to six months, I would review my progress and see what was working and what I needed to rethink in terms of improvement and new marketing strategies.

4. Discover what will motivate you, to aid in procrastination

Whenever I started to procrastinate. I would remember the reason why I started. There is always a reason why you want to begin your dream journey, use that as motivation to push through those times, when you don’t want to work on it. Sometimes we just need a little push and we are back into that zone again.

5. Tell others and more doors will open

One of the scariest thoughts of when I was writing my book, was how my family and friends would react when they discovered I had written a book. I wondered if they would approve. Turns out, everyone has been majorly supportive and the more people I told, the more I gained confidence in my own ability and dream. And even at the most surprising events, I could be chatting to a person and then end up with a new client to write for. As part of the dream chasing journey, you will soon realise, the more you speak about your passion in life, the more people will want to be a part of your journey. Why? Because your zest for your dream will be passed through to all those you meet.

The other major tip to remember is, don’t expect for someone to find your talent, show them. Many businesses or artists place websites which they never update in the hope that people will flood to their site. It doesn’t work like that. You have to spread the word and you have to get people to find it good enough to spread it too.

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Something different


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What I love about my life, are the endless choices I can make in how I fill my day.

Of course it can become overwhelming, when each day I am the creator of how my day is to be. It is funny, how working in a job for someone else for years, I never thought much about how to fill my day, because it was already filled!

But now, now that I work for myself, as a freelance writer and author. I have the time to really make each day amazing!

Yet working from home, doesn’t mean I have to stay at home. Why stay at home every day, when I can go exploring the world around me?

Adventures, excitement, exploring, it is how we are built. To live life. It is something I never thought much about when I was travelling two hours to work and back, spending the day doing the same thing day in and day out. I was frustrated. Yes, some days, I feel the need to escape. To go somewhere I have never been to before. And now I have the time to do it.

When do I work? I work at a time that is convenient to me. 9-5 flies out the window, when you work for yourself. As well as trying to find work to fill the day. Now, I create the work I need to complete to get paid and feel fulfilled. And I do it, when I want to do it. Obviously, I work every day. If I didn’t, nothing would get done. But whether it happens in the morning, around midday during rest time, after a morning of exploration or in the late evenings, it still gives me time to live.

Not only am I doing what I LOVE and living my dreams. I get to now, also fill my day with how I want it to be.

I admit, there are times when I feel I need to organise something fun to do and not get stuck in a routine. Being at home every day kills the imagination very quickly. Especially when the tenth pile of washing for the week, is staring out.  Calling out for you to clean, because once every thing is perfect, than you will have more time to do what you want. But as all home owners know, cleaning is just as much as a procrastinator, as cleaning is never-ending. (Although make sure you still clean! Just make time for you too). That is important!

I also discovered, that sometimes after working and cleaning, I forget to do the things that I find fun. Another point to remember to do each day – make sure you laugh, smile, have fun. Because what if you aren’t having fun and feeling good, then you need to stop doing what you’re doing and do something that will make you feel that awesome.

Try something different.

Don’t let the dream feel that is too big to ever achieve. Because the truth is, you have the skills and talent right now to go for it.

How do you want your day to be?

My day today was spent three hours along the coast line, walking along the crystal clear blue waters. Being a big kid, as I walked balancing along the wall of the pathway. Coming home for lunch and complete three hours of ‘work’ – more like writing fun! And now, ready for another adventure this afternoon. I may even go to the circus tonight? Who knew, life could be fun!

A photo of my morning: