Add a cool backdrop to your image

I’ve got a new online course that you will love!

Add cool backdrop to your image online course image

In less than an hour, I am going to teach you how to add a cool backdrop to your image by using Microsoft Word and Paint.

The good news, you do not need to have any graphic design or photography skills, this is a crash course for beginners that will have your images looking like the above.

I utilise these skills for a lot of areas, for example, Instagram Posts. I use it for my Instagram Fashion Posts. Instead of a boring indoor blank wall image, I can add some personality to my posts, with cool backdrops that I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to obtain or actually be out in the cold to be snapped in.

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An affordable: AUD $15.00.

What you will get

You will receive a PDF document with detailed information, showcasing a step by step screen shot and instructions on how to remove the current back drop, search for an image you want to add into your image and save it as a JPEG.

Program dates:

Starts within 72 hours from confirmation of payment.

How to enrol

Visit my online store:!/Add-a-cool-backdrop-to-your-image/p/85892288/category=18537002 

Click on the program you want, add to bag and make payment. The email you pay with will be the email address used to send your online course to.


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Funky sunglasses get a look in

I am excited to report to you with possibly the funkiest sunglasses I have ever worn!
If you have ever wanted your fashion to speak for you and show off your personality, then these sunglasses are for you.
I feel quite honoured to have Cheapass Sunglasses contact me to do a post and review on the sunglasses of my choice!
I chose The Zebra. The coolest sunglasses that I knew were me and I just had to have.
I took them for a test drive to a baseball game. I had them on my head, taking piccies and then the sun was quite bright so I put them on. Wow. I was impressed. The light tint shading made the sky look simply beautiful. The lens were clear.
Normally, I find sunglasses hard to fit me, but this pair of sunglasses from fit perfectly.
I also wore my sunglasses to work and had comments about how cool they were on my arrival. (A lovely start to the day, I must say!)
Here are some specifics:
  • These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.
  • Plus, they ship Worldwide.

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Fashion that makes my heart sing

Fashion is a self-expression of one’s outlook on life and themselves. How you dress is how you want to be perceived by others but more importantly, it is helps create how you want to feel. If you are feeling down but wear bright red shoes. When you look down at your feet you will feel instantly better.

See, fashion doesn’t have to be expensive or over styled, it simply needs to bring you joy. Do I wish I had more money to spend on an entire wardrobe that would make my heart sing, ahh yes! However, now when I go shopping, I only buy what I like (sounds normal for a shopper, but you would be surprised at how people buy a top that would be great for work or fits their body shape well, but it doesn’t really excite them).

I also work out a list of what I need and ignore, without great difficulty, all those (dresses) outfits that I already have enough of and stick to what I need. I.e. tops to match bottoms etc. to create a complete outfit.

During my decluttering stages, I have always kept my clothes, even hand-me downs that don’t even fit me or clothes that are so old that worn, the elastic is over-stretched etc. It is unwearable but the memory of the events are there. The other fear is, if I chuck out all the clothes in my wardrobe that no longer sing to me, then I may not have a complete wardrobe!

This is very true, however, one might be surprised when they remove the item of clothing and place it in a rubbish bag and leave it for 6 months, that they have now lived without it and worked around not having it, that they can finally get rid of it! Or, hold onto it but when receive a new piece of clothing, get rid of it.

However, fashion for me is exciting and always changing. It depends on the mood that I am, if I am feeling creative, I like to wear arty fashion pieces that I am sure to the average woman would find the look rather unique and different. Then there are times, where I want to feel feminine and self-adored, so my glamour pieces are worn. Of course, I have times, wear snuggling into my pink and white fluffy socks are just so cute and girlish that it widens my smile immensely.

Did you notice in the above that I didn’t mention brands whatsoever. Yes, there are brands that I like and shop regularly because I know they are made with quality and are more tailored to my size, however I am not afraid to shop at cheaper outlets as well for something that is utterly cute and irresistible to wear.

That is just a snippet of my take on fashion. To read more about my fashion advice, follow my online courses and in particular my, How to dress glamorous every day online course and How to embrace your inner femininity online course.


Using Pinterest to map out a story idea


Image via:

I love browsing through Pinterest. I can use it for a range of day dreaming, from renovating ideas to the home, or adding to my Live your dreams board, which reminds me of all the cool and fun things I want to experience in life. Recently, I wanted to start writing another fiction novel. To be honest though, I just couldn’t get started. I was too jittery. I write all the time, yet, writing another book, starting from scratch seemed a little, I don’t know … ?

So I went on Pinterest. For no particular reason. I typed in red haired woman and that is where my story brainstorming ideas began. I then created a board called, writing story idea. I started with the red head character and decided she would be a cool main character. Someone different. I then started thinking about other characters and as a romance writer, I didn’t want to jump straight to the leading man, because I am not sure (still not sure) if this will be a straight romance novel. (Although, I assure you, romance will be entwined).

So I did some more research on Pinterest. I love those women, who have the bouncy curly hair. So I typed it in, I found my main character’s overzealous best friend. Wonderful. I also found that by searching for multiple array of images for each character, I was able to get into what they look like. (Even though all the images for the specific character is different on my board, I needed to find the diversity from the way they looked, to their hair, their fashion and get a taste of what they look like, from a combination of photos).

It is very fun and interesting to create a story and creating a story board via Pinterest, where you have instant access to a range of images to get your creative juices going is a fun and important process. I even looked up possible scene locations, to help think about where they would be. I am a very visual person and to find images of places and surroundings that inspire me, helps!

Once I thought of some of the characters I would like to include, I also thought about what they enjoyed doing, what were their interests and hobbies.

Of course imagery is one thing, it is up to the author to try to brainstorm who is the lead and then how they are connected and form relationships with the other characters. In addition to, what is the story.

After my first character plotting, I was like, ‘this is fantastic, I am so thrilled to start this process.’ Then I realised, ‘oh no, I have no story. I have no idea what these characters will do?’

I did another session on Pinterest and while searching for more images to get my creative juices going, I discovered how I was going to get all these different characters together and the basis of the story.

I didn’t spend too much time either. Just two separate occassions on Pinterest. Possibly thirty minutes or less each time and in return I have the basis of my story created.

Have you ever tried this for story brainstorming? I would love to see your board!

Ideas for the look of my main character:

31e7c52f181780bf6eb86d3cedb51ddc  66024883b51aa9265869e851b927e388 f677c4e5740edff051106708872ce4a6

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If red is glamour, then …

I love setting up a fun fashion shoot. Not only is the results of the fashion shoot shown below, but also I have included a behind the scene’s video for you to enjoy.

When wearing this red dress, the inner glamour goddess came out and I couldn’t help posing! I also enjoyed, ruffling up my hair in the later shots to let loose, ha ha.

A huge kudo’s to this red stunning dress, as it instantly turned me from feeling dull to glam in an instant.

Although in the final shots, you can’t see the props I had out, in my video clip, all is revealed. Proving, always be prepared but don’t worry if you don’t capture everything you originally thought would work well for the shoot.

2016-01-27 19.53.17

2016-01-27 19.54.24

2016-01-27 19.55.17

2016-01-27 19.55.57


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Designer Fashion at the lake

The sun is setting and I was get a little bit giddy when this happens, so I thought, ‘why not get glammed up and take some photo’s by the lake, as the sun is setting?’ I am glad I did. I love the end result!

2015-08-06 17.31.22

There were a few moments where joggers and cyclists went passed, looking at me … I shyly smiled and looked away. Then sneaked a look to see if they were out of sight and photo time re-begins!

For me there is always a spark within when I glam up. I love to feel beautiful and feminine and wearing this black blouse by Cue and this layered white skirt, which was made in Italy, added with my Elizabeth Arden dark brown/red lipstick and matching black and white heels, I felt I achieved what I set out too. To feel like a woman within nature’s natural beauty.

How awesome is this lake and sunset?!



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