Because you might not be feeling it now but one day you might and you need to know what to do

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Imagine, one minute you are feeling cornered, stuck and then the next you are jumping in the air and instead of falling back hard on the ground. The air keeps you up, as you look down at those who are chasing you and you poke your tongue at them below.

They hang around for a minute but annoyed they have no one to pick on, they leave.

What you do next, might just determine your future power and growth…

Sometimes in life we don’t know how powerful and strong we are, until we get cornered. Can we fly? May be. It just depends on one thing, if you believe you can.

Now, before you go and test this theory (literally), what I mean is, when you ‘feel’ cornered by life’s problems that you may have (most likely) caused, which now feel out of control and unsure how or when you will get back on that awesome life track, the first thing you must do immediately is to stop thinking negatively or in a blaming manner. Immediately, you must think of what opportunities this life challenge presents you and know there is a way out and not just one way but multiple ways.

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But you can’t think about them if your mind is going a hundred miles an hour from freaking out! Watch this wisdom from Oprah:


How to break out of your shell


When it comes to designing a space, you don’t want to just choose items and colour themes that you think are the latest trend, if this is your home or space, what you really should do, is think about what you love and what brings a smile to your space.

You will feel much more at home when you have designed your own space to suit your personality and likes. It sounds easy and that is because it is. Plus, it is incredibly fun.

Did you hear about the woman who had a pink home? Yes, she loved pastel pink so much, nearly everything in her home was pink. Obviously, if you love a specific colour you don’t need to shower the entire house in it, but you can choose your favourite colour within your design to use as highlights that boost the other objects and colours in your design.

Want to get started but feel you need a helping hand to help guide you? Enrol in my 7 week interior design online course today.

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What I want from 2016

They say, to write down what you want, so here goes.

When it comes to writing in 2016, this is what I want:

Travel Writing


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I want to write travel/holiday destinations and better yet, I want companies to pay me to stay in their resorts and hotels to get the entire experience and write, write, write.

Interior Design


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I would love the opportunity to write about interior design, create my own interior themes and colour schemes and let my creativity ooze through content. I have many grand ideas that are just waiting for a business to aid me releasing them for the world to see.


I love to write about and snap fashion. In order to show off my glamorous side, I need businesses to send me samples of their outfits for me to get snap happy and shoot and then write.

Script Writing / Screen plays

script writer

I love writing screenplays. Not only do I love it, I chuckle about certain lines or characters. I particularly have a love for writing comedies for adults and/or young adults, however also can write adventure scripts for children’s TV episodes.

Flash Fiction / Novels

all books

Yes, I love to write fiction. Fiction novels where I simply allow creativity to overwhelm my thoughts and actions and just let the characters, the scenery and the plot create it’s own destiny.


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Of course, these are just some of the topics ready to explore within me that I need to write about! I am open to all writing opportunities.

Do you have an opportunity for me?

If you are a business that is seeking a writer in the above fields, please know I am very good at what I do and I provide quality, engaging, informative and creative content that draws in readers. Discuss with me your writing opportunity by emailing me at

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to write for an array of industries including fashion, photography, real estate, tax, financial planning, frugal living, baby products, job selection criteria’s and resumes as well as fiction and non-fiction eBooks. Not to mention, have the opportunity to mentor new want-to-be paid writers with my freelance mentoring program and new authors in my 5 week eBook guide.


Imagination is everything

Enter a child’s mind. Everything is ready to be explored. Everything has a story to tell. Wow, watch this tree come to life and see it move its big branches to protect the tiny fairies. Did your imagination just come to life?

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As adults, we forget that imagination is so important in life. Although, it’s invisible and sometimes seen as a child’s act. An adult with an imagination gets you out of scenario’s. Instead of choosing the road to A or B, you can take C, because C is the path you created. Your imagination wooed you there.

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Where do you find imagination?  Sometimes it can be buried from years of pushing it away, trying to hide it, to appear more grown up and professional. Yet, your imagination should be let loose, be free.

Put yourself in a room with nothing in it. White walls. Dull carpet. No objects within, except for a pen and paper. I bet within ten minutes (if not sooner), your mind will be creating an abundance of stories, characters, scenes with absolutely nothing to spark your imagination. It’s there, waiting for, daring you, to play with it.

Once you activate your imagination, your world, this world, the real world, opens up to you in ways you had never dreamed of before.

Instead of not being able to afford something, you use your imagination to explore other alternate options that may do an even better job than what you would have paid for. Because, it’s not about the money, it’s about the reward of you making what you wanted a reality and finding a way in getting it, without going bankrupt.

Every day, you can go out into the world and discover new and exciting things that spark your imagination, instead of starting the day thinking about what you have to do, think about what will spark your imagination today and watch the world around you, flourish.

You can bring fantasy to reality

Have you seen Katy Perry’s film clip Dark Horse? I loved watching her perform this in her live show. I just adore the film clip – so imaginative, creative and reminds me:

we can create anything the way we really want to see it. ~ Melanie Toye

Watch it here:

The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye in My Town Magazine

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The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

(This article was published in My Town Magazine

Christmas is a great time to hunt for the perfect gift. That perfect gift might be right under your nose. With physical and online shelves filled with books. Books always make a great gift, because they last in the minds of the reader long after being read.

And books which push the boundaries of thinking and create a space for one’s imagination, to be filled with new and interesting content, is a book that every reader will want to get their hands on.

Twilight and Harry Potter books are an excellent example of what readers want from fantasy novels. They want creative scenes, interesting characters, action, entertainment and a touch of romance. Reader’s want it all.

Melanie Toye, author of 9 eBooks believes, Destiny Lane offers the above and more. Destiny Lane is a fantasy fiction novel that captures the essence of living in multiple worlds at once, through one’s dreams.

Through the world hopping experience, Sara is continually being pushed mentally by dealing with a world that has no greed, no war and where peace reigns. A world, where what one wants, it is immediately provided. Can you imagine such a world?

With Sara experiencing two love interests in one world, to being a princess in a past life and an army leader in another, she needs to find out what this life experience will entail.

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Something different


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What I love about my life, are the endless choices I can make in how I fill my day.

Of course it can become overwhelming, when each day I am the creator of how my day is to be. It is funny, how working in a job for someone else for years, I never thought much about how to fill my day, because it was already filled!

But now, now that I work for myself, as a freelance writer and author. I have the time to really make each day amazing!

Yet working from home, doesn’t mean I have to stay at home. Why stay at home every day, when I can go exploring the world around me?

Adventures, excitement, exploring, it is how we are built. To live life. It is something I never thought much about when I was travelling two hours to work and back, spending the day doing the same thing day in and day out. I was frustrated. Yes, some days, I feel the need to escape. To go somewhere I have never been to before. And now I have the time to do it.

When do I work? I work at a time that is convenient to me. 9-5 flies out the window, when you work for yourself. As well as trying to find work to fill the day. Now, I create the work I need to complete to get paid and feel fulfilled. And I do it, when I want to do it. Obviously, I work every day. If I didn’t, nothing would get done. But whether it happens in the morning, around midday during rest time, after a morning of exploration or in the late evenings, it still gives me time to live.

Not only am I doing what I LOVE and living my dreams. I get to now, also fill my day with how I want it to be.

I admit, there are times when I feel I need to organise something fun to do and not get stuck in a routine. Being at home every day kills the imagination very quickly. Especially when the tenth pile of washing for the week, is staring out.  Calling out for you to clean, because once every thing is perfect, than you will have more time to do what you want. But as all home owners know, cleaning is just as much as a procrastinator, as cleaning is never-ending. (Although make sure you still clean! Just make time for you too). That is important!

I also discovered, that sometimes after working and cleaning, I forget to do the things that I find fun. Another point to remember to do each day – make sure you laugh, smile, have fun. Because what if you aren’t having fun and feeling good, then you need to stop doing what you’re doing and do something that will make you feel that awesome.

Try something different.

Don’t let the dream feel that is too big to ever achieve. Because the truth is, you have the skills and talent right now to go for it.

How do you want your day to be?

My day today was spent three hours along the coast line, walking along the crystal clear blue waters. Being a big kid, as I walked balancing along the wall of the pathway. Coming home for lunch and complete three hours of ‘work’ – more like writing fun! And now, ready for another adventure this afternoon. I may even go to the circus tonight? Who knew, life could be fun!

A photo of my morning:


What writing means to me


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Can I really sum up, what one of the great passions of my life (besides the love for my family), means to me?

Let me try. 

Writing for me, takes me on a journey, of excitement, enlightenment and adventure.

I enter a new world, every time I sit down and write.

I create how people act towards each other, how they interact, what they dream about and how they live their lives.

I create obstacles and jealous rivals that they have to face in order to push through and even after all that, they may still not reach their desired outcome.

I have to determine if the pathway the person is on, is going to put them in line to find love or perhaps run away from it.

I imagine amazing scene’s and have a story unfold as if I was watching a movie, as my fingers move swiftly and in terribly unneat hand-writing.

I smile, as I finish what I wanted to achieve in a particular timeframe. I smile, as I see how the characters, plot and scene’s are developing.

I wonder in the wee hours of the morning, how my story will evolve and transform. What will happen next? I never really know. You could say the story takes me on a journey. A hidden secret, where I may know the rough outline of what may transpire. Yet the details are only revealed in that precise moment of writing.

Why write from the end, when you could start from the beginning? And be as wide-eyed as the character, as they enter an unknown setting? Then you have some sort of truth to how they are feeling.

Writing to me, is what I feel most creative artists feel. It is everything. If I could sing, I would never stop singing. If I could paint, I would never stop painting. There is something about having a passion in life, that takes you on a journey. It grabs hold of you and when inspiration hits, you have to run with it. You cannot push it aside, the thoughts won’t stop until you quickly put pen to paper. Write, write and write more.

But am I summing up what writing means to me, enough?

john lennon, the meaning of life

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What does it mean to me? 

Writing, gives me the freedom to share my most inner thoughts. Writing, gives me the chance to express my self, but not just who I am. But also, who these characters portray. You want to enter the world of a famous fashion designer? Then Gerald from my book, Free to be with me, will give you an inside peek into his life. And what if I could give you something deeper to consider. Those life questions that we all think about sometimes. What if I provided a far out concept that would spark interest from its originality and form a different perspective? My fantasy novel, Destiny Lane would give you a read for something a little bit deeper than the lightness of my romance series, The Eric and Izzie Series. Yet, for those who love to read about a charming man, than reading about Eric, would be ideal for you.

The examples above simply show, that through writing, I can provide you with not just a great read. But take an idea, whether it be a character, a place or a concept and turn it into a tale that will have you thinking about it for a long time to come. And not just think, but feel what the character’s are feeling. And for me, that is something special.


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How would you dream this day to be?

Fight for your dreams. Never give up on them or yourself. And never let someone pull your dreams down. They are yours. Hold them close.

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Life is filled with choices. Every day we wake up with a choice on what we do, how we act and what we choose to welcome into our lives. By way of friendships, what we watch on TV and how we look at a situation. Each day we have the choice to either take charge of our lives and live a fulfilling life we choose not to look outside out current way of living and continue living a mediocre life. I can tell you how choosing to live a fulfilling life can be hard work, but that’s why its called fulfilling because you love to do what you do.

With choices, comes decisions either to move forwards or sideways. When excuses arise, you really have to to ask is it because you just don’t want to do it? It’s a simple question. It eliminates the guilt. It eliminates the ‘I should do this’ response and it brings you closer to doing what you want.

Although here’s where it gets tricky. What if you don’t want to do anything? What if you said yes to each and every challenge and then realised it was immensely fun? As I said, there are choices and with each choice you make knowingly you will at least start to work out what you love to do, what you never want to do again and hopefully it will lead you to the best experiences in life. Never be afraid to dream of a brighter future.

Day Dreaming
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Take ten minutes each morning and dream with a limitless mindset of how you want to see this day be lived out. If money, work and all the thing you feel are holding you back are of no concern – how would you live this day?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to live one day of your life the way you really want to?

Do this every day for a month and then you should be so pumped up in making your dreams come true, one day you will wake and decide, it’s now or never. You decide.

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Feel Free

I discovered something more about myself today, I am a free spirit.


I always have been but for years I pushed that side of me far away, believing nobody wanted to be around that person and that I had to grow up and leave that side behind.

But really now more than ever I feel like a free spirit. Now that I am following my true calling in life, to write and explore the world through imagination and share it with the world. I feel that I have broken down so many barriers and peeled away the layers of my being that now what remains is a butterfly ready to gracefully flutter about in all and many directions she sees fit. No more worry about what people think and leaving behind the haters instead of trying to please. For once I have put the confidence and support into me and have gone full steam ahead.

Now I break free from the shackles that I once let myself be tied up in by those who did not want me to succeed. I run fast into the wind and open my wings to glide in the air. Freedom has never looked brighter.

It is true, once you push yourself, face your challenges and push past those who have no interest in you. Once you realise that your ultimate dream in life is standing there waiting for you to take it and run with it in the wind. Then after the crazy journey you take and as your original self returns to be the person you knew you could always be. Then smile, spread your wings and reach even higher.


Yours sincerely,
Melanie Toye
The Butterfly Free Spirit
Writer and Author
And your Dream Motivator