On the Hunt for Love

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Izzie nearly melted right there on the corner of the street. Then she realised as she looked around that she knew this street. “Wait, I know where I am now,” she said hurriedly. The green light went and Izzie rushed off while Eric stayed where he was. “I’m sorry but I am very late for work. Thank you for your help,” Izzie yelled as she crossed the street.

After another five minutes walking and as her heart rate slowed, she realised how stupid it was to run away from the man of her dreams. She still had a ten minute walk to work but she was already late. She turned back around and headed back to where she last left Eric.

With her head down, she ran in heels to the street. She pressed the button at the lights. She looked up, breathed and saw Eric across the street. He looked at her bewildered and then a huge smile spread across his face.

The light turned green and this time they both ran to each other and met in the middle of the road. They were both lost for words yet both wanted to speak. After a few car honks, Eric took Izzie’s hand and they crossed the street together.

“Why are you still here?” Izzie asked.

“Why did you come back?” Eric replied as he held her in his arms and looked deep into her blue eyes.

“Because of you,” Izzie replied.

~ Excerpt from The Eric & Izzie Series, as seen in My Town Magazine. ~

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How Do Business Mums Juggle Life?


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I was very excited to see My Town Magazine showcase an article on my latest eBook – ‘How do they do it? 16 Business Mums Share How They Juggle Life’. A big thanks to Dan and Dannii, editors of My Town Magazine, who support local businesses. Read the article here:

How Do Business Mums Juggle Life?

Ever wondered how mums who own their own businesses have the time to do it?

Melanie Toye author or “How do they do it?” interviews 16 mums who own their own business and finds out how they juggle life.

“Family time is sacred on the weekends and if I have to work to meet a deadline, I will work at night only. The kids are only young for such a short space of time, so I relish the time I have with them,” said Merryn Padgett, Owner of Earth & Sea Creative in How do they do it.

How do they do it really provides a great insight into that world of wanting to be at home with the kids and draw an income from working in an industry they are passionate about.

With tips and advice given to those mothers seeking to start their own business to sharing challenges, which will resonate with mothers who have their own business, How do they do it shares it all.

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The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye in My Town Magazine

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The best gift is one that pushes your thinking

(This article was published in My Town Magazine http://www.joomag.com/magazine/my-town-magazine-digital-26th-november-2014/0389934001417052251?short).

Christmas is a great time to hunt for the perfect gift. That perfect gift might be right under your nose. With physical and online shelves filled with books. Books always make a great gift, because they last in the minds of the reader long after being read.

And books which push the boundaries of thinking and create a space for one’s imagination, to be filled with new and interesting content, is a book that every reader will want to get their hands on.

Twilight and Harry Potter books are an excellent example of what readers want from fantasy novels. They want creative scenes, interesting characters, action, entertainment and a touch of romance. Reader’s want it all.

Melanie Toye, author of 9 eBooks believes, Destiny Lane offers the above and more. Destiny Lane is a fantasy fiction novel that captures the essence of living in multiple worlds at once, through one’s dreams.

Through the world hopping experience, Sara is continually being pushed mentally by dealing with a world that has no greed, no war and where peace reigns. A world, where what one wants, it is immediately provided. Can you imagine such a world?

With Sara experiencing two love interests in one world, to being a princess in a past life and an army leader in another, she needs to find out what this life experience will entail.

If you would like to interview Melanie or have any other media opportunities, please contact Melanie via:  

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Melanie Toye - The Eric and Izzie Series Cover

About The Eric and Izzie Series
Fall in love with Eric and Izzie, as they fall for each other in the most romantic way. Go on their adventures together and meet their hilarious friends. Based in North Lakes, Australia. Discover the natural beauty and community spirit of the area.
The story grows from the romantic getaways and adventures together as a couple, to the involvement of Izzie and Eric’s friends and how their bundling personalities fit into their story. Eric is a stunningly handsome man who is a successful project manager. Izzie works at a jewellery store and is glamorous yet sweet.
Lust, romance and love. The three ingredients to being married. And marriage is on the cards. Although when Eric’s close friend, Ashton has a car accident with Veronica. Life’s challenge’s become difficult to handle. Yet this tale of ups and downs does end on a happy note for now. Just like any fairy tale ending should.
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A kite festival family adventure



Something brilliant, something great. Read page 8 for my family fun article to our visit to the Kite Festival as well as the fortnightly Eric and Izzie short story series on page 54.

I also love the articles on make-up longevity and the cupcake recipe!! Read it free in the online My Town Magazine here:



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