Maddox Family Adventures – Kids TV Series

Exciting news, I have uploaded the pilot script of the first episode for my pitch of a new kid’s TV series, titled Maddox Family Adventures.

Maddox Family Adventures is about the adventures of the Maddox Kids, Kelly, William & Derek & what they have to go through in order to find a way back to their parents, who are away on holidays when a volcano erupts, forcing the Maddox Kids to leave their home.

About Episode One: The volcano escape

The Maddox kid’s lives change when an active volcano erupts & they are forced to escape their island home, into the big ocean, only to be faced inches away from a shark feeding frenzy. They are saved by Pirate Boniface. The Maddox kid’s arrive to Laughing Island.

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Mr. Frank and his brilliant class – Kids TV Series

Please rate my pitch for a children’s TV series – Mr. Frank and his brilliant class . You can download the PDF to read the full concept here.

Mr. Frank and his brilliant class

Mr. Frank and his brilliant class is a children’s series based in a classroom environment with a teacher and a classroom of twenty kids. The main characters – Five kids will feature prominently in each series as well as the teacher.

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Best Shoe Comp – Seductive … oh so me! Vote now!

To enter this competition, I had to design my own style shoes (using their styling products)

and came up with red Italian Satin heels with lace. Vote for my design here so I can win the pair!! It’s very simple and quick. Just press the heart, vote button.

I also named the design – Seductive … heavily influenced by my novel Entice Me.




Vote for the Best Australian Blogs

Best Australian Blogs 2013, People's Choice Award

Best Australian Blogs 2013, People’s Choice Award

It’s here again, the Australian Writers’ Centre has commenced the fun yet hard task of choosing the Best Australian Blogs for 2013.

It takes less than 5 minutes to enter,

click the below link, tick my four blogs nominated and then enter your name and email and submit! It’s that simple.

Please vote for all four of my blogs (you can do this all in the one submission form).

In alphabetical order:

– Entice Me Novel

– Great Books by Great Authors

– Imagine This Magazine

– Melanie Toye, Dream Chaser

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