eBooks, are they being read?


Interesting to note that at this point in time, there are more than 1.2 million eBooks listed on Amazon. I won’t say, selling on Amazon, because some of them may not have even had one sale for their eBook.

Funnily enough, as a self-publisher of eBooks and print books, I find that I absolutely love to create eBooks. Here is why:

I love the speediness of it all. As a creative person, spending the time writing, editing and all that is required for writing a book takes incredibly long. So, when I finish the whole production I can literally submit it online as an eBook and have it ready for purchasing within 48 hours of submission. How awesome is that! My months or years of work is now readily available right around the world in a mere 48 hours.

The other reason is, I love to write and when Amazon opened it’s doors for self-publishes like me, who hate waiting years (and literally I mean years) to hear back from publishers that are only interested in selecting already proven-published authors, it really is a chance to get my work seen and adored by fans who want more. I don’t have to have a book hiding in the cupboard because I can’t get a publisher (and to be honest I gave up trying, after a couple of goes. Who has the time?!)

There are many awesome reasons as a writer and publisher to create eBooks. The question, I ponder is though, are they being read?

Over the years, I have spoken and interviewed many other self-published and published authors, including the awesome, Janet Evanovich, who featured in my magazine Imagine This and also in one of my eBooks, How do they do it? 14 Business Mums share how they juggle life.

imagine-this-april-front-cover-image1                                                    How do they do it? 14 Business Mums share how they juggle life

Funny enough, the more unknown self-indie writers admitted quite openly the their eBook sales were incredibly slow and low. Others have success and can earn thousands of dollars every month in royalties, where others are lucky to even score one sale in a quarter.

Does it all come down to marketing?

I am interested to hear your story. Do you read eBooks or do you prefer to write them and if so, have you had much success?

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Creative Online Courses

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I am very excited to be offering creative online classes for those who just can’t get enough of fun!

I find that online courses are a great way to go at your own pace and also apply new routines/methods instantaneously as you read them.

As a creative person myself, I love learning new skills and talents and love to know how I can take those skills further.

From writing online courses that teach you to how to get paid!!,  to fashion advice on how to dress glamorous, even resume tips and so much more!

Is there something you would love to learn? Let me know, I might be able to add it in.

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How to bring out a character’s emotion when writing

I decided to write a short fiction, involving an emotional story line, which is what the client is seeking. How do I convey emotion through a piece? I googled emotional music and this is what I found to help draw out the character’s raw emotion: Now its time for me to write! #Feelinginspired

Holding the magic in my hand

Today, I not only have 10 eBooks to my name but now I also have in my hands – my very first paperback novel – Destiny Lane.

To say I am excited, over joyed, thrilled … is not enough.


To see the magic of my pen to paper come alive in print, is truly magical.

I hope you get a chance to read my latest novel, Destiny Lane. A fictional fantasy romance that entails the mystical realms of different worlds, the tangle of past life experiences and what awaits in the present. Not to mention love!

As an author, I would love for you to share this post with everyone and let me know what you think of my book once you read it.


Melanie Toye

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

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Let’s celebrate!!


For all of my fans and soon to be fans, I want to share the excitement of the release of my next novel, Destiny Lane.

The release of the eBook for Destiny Lane is 1st December. But for readers who want to ensure they don’t miss out on a copy, you can pre-order now! And in doing so, receive 10% off for making the author (that’s me) feel awesome. 🙂 And of course receive a thrilling novel to add to your book collection.

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Click checkout.

Enter the Coupon Code FZ48H to claim your 10% discount.

This coupon expires 30 November 2014. 

You can also read the first chapter here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/482059

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DL Front Final - coloured title

A snippet from Free to be with me


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I walked in and saw Raulf first. “Oh my dear,” he said in shock. “You look.” He could not put a word to it.
“I know,” I said.
“I know it is late but did you check a mirror before you came?” I shrugged and then burst into tears. It was not my finest moment.
Raulf passed me his handkerchief and patted me on the shoulder. “There, there,” he said. “Clean yourself up before seeing Gerald. He is having a hard time finding inspiration for his collection for the runway next week.” I nodded and pulled out my pocket mirror to try and touch up my blotchy face as best I could.
Obviously though, it was not enough for when I walked near Gerald his mouth opened wide yet no sound escaped. “I came here as fast as I could,” I said as I tried to hide the humiliation of this moment.
Gerald walked closer to me. His eyes never left mine. “You will be my muse,” he said.
“I am sorry,” I said, a little lost at his comment.
“The new collection will draw upon your darkness. The raw emotion we shield ourselves from will be on display in what we wear. No longer a fashion statement, now it will be an emotional statement.”

Did you enjoy reading this snippet. You can read more through online retail stores, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

What writing means to me


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Can I really sum up, what one of the great passions of my life (besides the love for my family), means to me?

Let me try. 

Writing for me, takes me on a journey, of excitement, enlightenment and adventure.

I enter a new world, every time I sit down and write.

I create how people act towards each other, how they interact, what they dream about and how they live their lives.

I create obstacles and jealous rivals that they have to face in order to push through and even after all that, they may still not reach their desired outcome.

I have to determine if the pathway the person is on, is going to put them in line to find love or perhaps run away from it.

I imagine amazing scene’s and have a story unfold as if I was watching a movie, as my fingers move swiftly and in terribly unneat hand-writing.

I smile, as I finish what I wanted to achieve in a particular timeframe. I smile, as I see how the characters, plot and scene’s are developing.

I wonder in the wee hours of the morning, how my story will evolve and transform. What will happen next? I never really know. You could say the story takes me on a journey. A hidden secret, where I may know the rough outline of what may transpire. Yet the details are only revealed in that precise moment of writing.

Why write from the end, when you could start from the beginning? And be as wide-eyed as the character, as they enter an unknown setting? Then you have some sort of truth to how they are feeling.

Writing to me, is what I feel most creative artists feel. It is everything. If I could sing, I would never stop singing. If I could paint, I would never stop painting. There is something about having a passion in life, that takes you on a journey. It grabs hold of you and when inspiration hits, you have to run with it. You cannot push it aside, the thoughts won’t stop until you quickly put pen to paper. Write, write and write more.

But am I summing up what writing means to me, enough?

john lennon, the meaning of life

Image via: www.encognitive.com

What does it mean to me? 

Writing, gives me the freedom to share my most inner thoughts. Writing, gives me the chance to express my self, but not just who I am. But also, who these characters portray. You want to enter the world of a famous fashion designer? Then Gerald from my book, Free to be with me, will give you an inside peek into his life. And what if I could give you something deeper to consider. Those life questions that we all think about sometimes. What if I provided a far out concept that would spark interest from its originality and form a different perspective? My fantasy novel, Destiny Lane would give you a read for something a little bit deeper than the lightness of my romance series, The Eric and Izzie Series. Yet, for those who love to read about a charming man, than reading about Eric, would be ideal for you.

The examples above simply show, that through writing, I can provide you with not just a great read. But take an idea, whether it be a character, a place or a concept and turn it into a tale that will have you thinking about it for a long time to come. And not just think, but feel what the character’s are feeling. And for me, that is something special.


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My writing process blog hop

Thank you to the lovely and sweet Jo Robinson who tagged me in the ‘My Writing Process Blog Hop.’ I enjoy reading Jo’s blog as her personality and outlook on life really shines through her work. Be sure to follow Jo’s blog here: http://africolonialstories.wordpress.com/ and buy her books here: http://africolonialstories.wordpress.com/books-international-links/

The idea with this Hop, is to answer a couple of questions about my writing process, and then nominate the blogs of three other writers who inspire me to do the same. If these three choose to Hop along, they would then post their writing process blogs the following week, together with links to this post, and the sites of their three nominees.

The Questions:

  1. What are you working on?

I am always working on various writing projects. I am a freelance writer and write regularly blogs and articles for businesses, as well as updating their website content. It is fun and has me researching the latest industry news about a wide variety of markets.

I am also working on another novel. (To date I have published nine, ready to publish my next one, writing another one and have so many more ideas for more novels, I can’t write fast enough). My recently finished novel which is yet to be published is Destiny Lane. And my new novel, well… I can’t tell you about that yet, it’s a secret. Shh …

And besides the freelance writing and novels, I also write weekly for my beautiful blog and brainstorm new ideas for marketing and promoting my brand – which is me. It is an incredibly fun career, which I would love to one day write a book about.

  1. What have you worked on recently?

My recently finished novel which is yet to be published is Destiny Lane. Read about Destiny Lane here (trust me, you will want to click this). I also wrote content for a business website.

List other writing projects.

  1. Why do you write what you do?

I do not stick to one genre. I like to push myself and see where my imagination takes me in a terms of genres, different characters, scenes and then let my characters create the story. What will happen? I don’t always know. I just put pen to paper and the story begins to come to life.

  1. How does your writing process work?

I obviously have to make time for it. It seems simple, to make time to do what you love. For me, if I ever start to procrastinate I remember the quote – “Remember why you started” and that is living my dreams as a writer. If I stop writing, I stop my dreams. For me, having the focus and dedication to write, equals success.

Writing for me is very simple. I love it. When I try to make it harder than what it is, that is when it does not read well. My process is simple, when it comes to freelance writing, I create a topic, research it, then sit down and write it in one hit. And then I will leave it for a period of time and come back and edit it, reword it, make it even better than the original.

When I write novels, my process is somewhat different due to the extensive amount of time a novel takes. I write, I write, I write, I write. And then I type everything. Because I find the magic of writing through pen to paper and because in the past I have lost whole novel’s due to malfunction’s of computers. I feel comforted that if I write my entire first draft of my novel in (many) notepads, I then have that as a back up if it is ever lost on my computer ever again. So I write, I type and then I go through my novel and change words that when I was writing I could not find the right word I wanted, and instead write BW. Which means – find a better word. And this way I can spend the time afterwards to find those better words rather than stopping the creative process in the initial stage. Then after I fill the gaps, do further research for some specific scenes, even find better names for some of the characters, then I will edit my first draft. And then edit again. Edit again and edit some more. And then I create a groovy front cover image (sometimes I seek a professionals help), format my book for publishing and before I hit publish, I create a marketing campaign over a certain specific timeframe. This might all sound, I don’t know, a bit crazy. But the truth is, I love it. I love every part of the process.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the ins and outs of my writing process. What is your process for your dream career?

Below are my three nominees to continue this blog hop:

Isabella Louise Anderson – This blogger has been with me from the beginning. Doing an interview with me for my novel Entice Me and then publishing my press release for Destiny Lane and interviewing all the authors who I co-authored with on 8 Slices of Cake, which appeared in my magazine, Imagine This. If I could say two words it would be, thank you! And now she has published her first novel as well. So please do support her and read her new book! http://chicklitgoddess.com/

Yvonne McEvaddy – who is from Ireland and is absolutely the sweetest although you may not know it when you read she writes thrillers. Yvonne was one of the talented women who co-authored in 8 Slices of Cake with me. And whose writing I could never stop reading.  Follow her blog here and read her books! https://sites.google.com/site/yvonnemcevaddy/home

Lisa Day – This woman has talent. Another writer who co-authored in 8 Slices of Cake and with other books published to her name. Sensual, action packed novels plus her real comedic personality is someone I will always hold dear. http://lisaday.weebly.com/whats-this-blog

Link by link, chain by chain.

Thank you Yvonne, who is an author friend of mine who asked me to be involved in this blog hop. I find blog hopping to be a great way to share great blogs and discover new authors, through our favourite writers.

In this chain, authors will reveal a bit about themselves and their writing process through answering four questions. Then they pass the link to others. I have passed the link to Jo Robinson. First I will tell you a little about myself and answer the questions. Then I will tell you a little bit about Yvonne McEvaddy and Jo Robinson.

About Me:


 1) What am I working on?

I am always working on a range of eBooks. It depends on the stages. During my down-time I am making the final read through of my novel, Destiny Lane before publishing. Destiny Lane, is amazing. It is about a woman who lives two lives, one when she is awake and one when she is dreaming.

During train rides, I am writing an eBook on dancing. You will love it. I am loving writing it.

And then I also have various other eBooks at different stages of formatting for Smashwords.com and publishing onto Smashwords and Amazon.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Destiny Lane differs from others in the fantasy genre, by adding different elements of imagination, romance, positive outlooks and easy to relate to characters that aren’t too far-fetched, which will have you wanting to read more.

3) Why do I write what I do? 

I write a variety of genre’s because I do not want to get stuck in one genre for the rest of my life. As an artist, I do not want to feel stuck in a box. I want to embrace the creative story that is within me. That is why my readers will always find something new to read and love. Take a look at the A-List Celebrities, they are the ones jumping from a different role with each movie. The others take on a similar type character and the same genre’s over and over, soon turn – boring to watch. I let my creative mind take me where it wants to.

4) How does my writing process work?

Most likely to an outsider it looks chaotic. But to me, it is very organised. I have computer access for roughly two to five hours a day. During this time, I write, research, type and edit. When I do not have a computer, I will write with pen to paper, read, and when it is time for a first edit, print and write. There is nothing more magical, than a pen writing on paper. I personally love it.

I also do not hold back. I am very focussed. I know how much time a day I have to dedicate to writing and therefore, when pen goes to paper, I write. I try not to edit as I go along, as my mind is just moving too fast for my hands to write.

Entice Me Front Cover of Chick Lit Novel

Entice Me

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematic.

Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man who appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything.

Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life.

Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.


Free to be with me


Free to be with me takes Madison, an assistant to a famous fashion designer, through a self-appreciating journey of fashion, love and design. Free to be with me oozes fun, glamour and most of all hot lustful romance. Will the man Madison falls for, be too risky for her lifestyle? Or will she shy away from it all? Find out in this heart warming, page turner.
This novella, is a great holiday read for those times when you need to escape. Free to be with me, will leave you with butterfly feelings and a big smile on your face.
Tell all your friends and family about this awesome read.

Available At:


Read a preview of all my books on Amazon:  Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble

my group of books

About Yvonne McEvaddy

(Who chose me as the next blog hopper) 

Yvonne McEvaddy is a writer living and working in Headford, co. Galway. She is the author of two novels, Passion Killer and Shadows of the Dead. She is currently working on her third novel, Thief of Hearts. Passion Killer is currently available on smashwords.com and also on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk in the kindle bookstores. It is also  available to order in print on amazon.

Shadows of the Dead is also available in the kindle bookstores, and also in paperback.Yvonne has been dabbling in the written word since early childhood, having decided at the age of 5, when she read her first Enid Blyton book,that she wanted to be a writer. Her summer  holidays were often spent writing adventures in the remaining pages of her school copybooks.
When not writing she was daydreaming about her books being available in her local bookstore. She was first published under her maiden name, Yvonne Gaughan, at the age of 17 when she won a Western Health Board competition to have her essay published in 100 Natural Highs.Also as Yvonne Gaughan, in college she was a member of the Mystic Poets Society and had two poems published in their collaboration, Mystic Spirits.Yvonne McEvaddy is a member of the Java Writers group.

Yvonne McEvaddy’s Books:

Passion Killer CS Mar 7th (1)

If your ex lover and best friend was accused of killing your boyfriend would you stand up for him? Would your friends stand by you?

Passion Killer is a story of how unrequited love, jealousy and obsession become dangerous, turning passion to murder. It revolves around a group of friends in a small town in Ireland.  Sylvia arrives home one evening to find her boyfriend, Rick, in a pool of blood. In the course of their investigation, Detectives Barbara Molloy and Mick Naughton question the group of friends and uncover a web of deception. A party the night before the murder left many fingerprints at the scene of the crime. In the tangle of love triangles there are plenty of motives to choose from and few alibis, casting the net of suspicion wide.

As the story unfolds, the friends discover secrets and lies that test their relationships to the point of breaking. In order to cast suspicion away from one of their best friends, Alex, the group start to suspect a myriad of acquaintances. Will they succeed in finding out who killed Rick before Alex is put away for something he didn’t do? Or will they find out that Alex isn’t who they thought he was?

Available At:

Amazon          Barnes & Noble           Smashwords

Shadows cover

What would you do if you found your dream house and it was rumored to be haunted? Would you buy it anyway? Would every noise in the still of the dark night have you paralyzed with fear?

Shadows of the Dead is about Alice and Mark O’Brien who don’t believe in ghosts. They fall in love with Hawthorn Grange on their first viewing. Amused by the rumors, they buy and move into The Grange.  With Mark working the graveyard shift, Alice is alone at night. Alone with the sounds from an old house, with the words of the neighbors whispering around her, the stories of the shadows arising from the graves next door and making their way into the house.

Will her imagination succumb to the rumors? Is that a door creaking open? Who is that standing at the foot of her bed? Is it just a dream? A nightmare of real or imagined proportions follows Alice around as she tries to remember that ghosts don’t exist. Or do they?

Available At:

Amazon               Barnes & Noble


Java Writers are a Galway group who met through Over the Edge literary events and creative writing classes. We meet regularly in Java’s Cafe  to write and share artistic musings.  Infusions is a collection of our Fiction, Poetry, Prose and Illustrations, a percolation of diverse themes – love and loss, mystery and nostalgia, family and friends, sea and fire, wind and rain –  set variously in Italy, England, America and Ireland, reflecting the group’s eclectic mix.

Available At:

Amazon            Barnes & Noble

8 Slices cover

A wedding, an 8 tiered cake, 8 short stories, 8 writers from all over the world. Each writer has chosen a different cake for our characters attending the wedding. Each story has its own cake recipe. We are comparing this book to the movie “Love Actually.” We all write in our own unique style. 8 Slices of Cake is a fun read about marriage, divorce, romance, dating, failed relationships, and finding love.

Available At:

Amazon          Smashwords

Follow Yvonne’s blog at: http://yvonnemcevaddy.wordpress.com/

About Jo Robinson

Check out the Jo Robinson’s blog, who I have nominated as the next author to join this blog hopping affair. 

Jo Robinson has very recently returned to her homeland, South Africa, after having lived in rural Zimbabwe for eighteen years.  Her obsessive affection for the African continent, most humans, and all creatures feathered and furred are what inspire her writing.  She is the author of the short stories Fly Birdie and The Visitation, the novel African Me & Satellite TV, and the science-fiction/fantasy series Shadow People.

Support a writer and follow Jo’s links to Amazon, Goodreads, Google Plus, Twitter, Blog and Facebook below: