eBooks, are they being read?


Interesting to note that at this point in time, there are more than 1.2 million eBooks listed on Amazon. I won’t say, selling on Amazon, because some of them may not have even had one sale for their eBook.

Funnily enough, as a self-publisher of eBooks and print books, I find that I absolutely love to create eBooks. Here is why:

I love the speediness of it all. As a creative person, spending the time writing, editing and all that is required for writing a book takes incredibly long. So, when I finish the whole production I can literally submit it online as an eBook and have it ready for purchasing within 48 hours of submission. How awesome is that! My months or years of work is now readily available right around the world in a mere 48 hours.

The other reason is, I love to write and when Amazon opened it’s doors for self-publishes like me, who hate waiting years (and literally I mean years) to hear back from publishers that are only interested in selecting already proven-published authors, it really is a chance to get my work seen and adored by fans who want more. I don’t have to have a book hiding in the cupboard because I can’t get a publisher (and to be honest I gave up trying, after a couple of goes. Who has the time?!)

There are many awesome reasons as a writer and publisher to create eBooks. The question, I ponder is though, are they being read?

Over the years, I have spoken and interviewed many other self-published and published authors, including the awesome, Janet Evanovich, who featured in my magazine Imagine This and also in one of my eBooks, How do they do it? 14 Business Mums share how they juggle life.

imagine-this-april-front-cover-image1                                                    How do they do it? 14 Business Mums share how they juggle life

Funny enough, the more unknown self-indie writers admitted quite openly the their eBook sales were incredibly slow and low. Others have success and can earn thousands of dollars every month in royalties, where others are lucky to even score one sale in a quarter.

Does it all come down to marketing?

I am interested to hear your story. Do you read eBooks or do you prefer to write them and if so, have you had much success?

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How to bring out a character’s emotion when writing

I decided to write a short fiction, involving an emotional story line, which is what the client is seeking. How do I convey emotion through a piece? I googled emotional music and this is what I found to help draw out the character’s raw emotion: Now its time for me to write! #Feelinginspired

Holding the magic in my hand

Today, I not only have 10 eBooks to my name but now I also have in my hands – my very first paperback novel – Destiny Lane.

To say I am excited, over joyed, thrilled … is not enough.


To see the magic of my pen to paper come alive in print, is truly magical.

I hope you get a chance to read my latest novel, Destiny Lane. A fictional fantasy romance that entails the mystical realms of different worlds, the tangle of past life experiences and what awaits in the present. Not to mention love!

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Melanie Toye

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

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Let’s celebrate!!


For all of my fans and soon to be fans, I want to share the excitement of the release of my next novel, Destiny Lane.

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DL Front Final - coloured title

A snippet from Free to be with me


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I walked in and saw Raulf first. “Oh my dear,” he said in shock. “You look.” He could not put a word to it.
“I know,” I said.
“I know it is late but did you check a mirror before you came?” I shrugged and then burst into tears. It was not my finest moment.
Raulf passed me his handkerchief and patted me on the shoulder. “There, there,” he said. “Clean yourself up before seeing Gerald. He is having a hard time finding inspiration for his collection for the runway next week.” I nodded and pulled out my pocket mirror to try and touch up my blotchy face as best I could.
Obviously though, it was not enough for when I walked near Gerald his mouth opened wide yet no sound escaped. “I came here as fast as I could,” I said as I tried to hide the humiliation of this moment.
Gerald walked closer to me. His eyes never left mine. “You will be my muse,” he said.
“I am sorry,” I said, a little lost at his comment.
“The new collection will draw upon your darkness. The raw emotion we shield ourselves from will be on display in what we wear. No longer a fashion statement, now it will be an emotional statement.”

Did you enjoy reading this snippet. You can read more through online retail stores, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.