The silly season is amongst us! Remember to relax

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Wow, I love Christmas, every year it gets crazier and fuller.

Recently, I choreographed and organised for my team to dance a flash mob at work! It was incredible and it was definitely a tick to my bucket list.

The holidays can get stressful though, as we try to do all the work we can before we go on holidays and then shop nearly every day to get Christmas gifts for everyone and keep shopping and more shopping and well you get the picture!

Not to mention the school holidays and having to watch the children closely as they part in different ways in a busy place. One has to wonder, when do I get a break?

And the events, so many Christmas events.

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This year, I was actually more organised. I did online shopping in November, but not everything was bought then. It is exhausting and all I really want is to r-e-l-a-x and just be me and have lazy days, while making memories with my family.

So how do I/we take a moment to relax? I do find it hard. Everything is so hyped up. Everything offers excitement and fun. Yet, sometimes to just be is enough and watch the craziness around us go crazy, while we are full of calm and peace.

Soothing music is a good start, plus writing. My friend also, was feeling a bit stressed, so I suggested writing it all down. She wasn’t actually sure what she was stressed about. Sometimes the little things pile up and soon we realise we are stressed. We keep suppressing all of those little stresses, because we are too busy  to deal with them and then it gets too much.

Over the holidays, try to relax. Take a day, take two in a role and just do nothing. When you do nothing, time slows. It is hard to do nothing, when your like me and like to always be doing something. If that’s the case. Sit outside and write, or colour, or paint. Let nature heal you, as you focus on one activity.

It’s easy to get exhausted from trying to do everything. Delegate or discard tasks that you don’t need to do before Christmas and with work.

You will feel a lot better and your mind and your body will get the rest it truly deserves.

Also, take some much needed time off line.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a relaxing time off!

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Tell me something …


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It’s time to go deep. Deeper.

Tell me, how was your day today? Did you have a good day? Fairly good? Okay? Could it have gone better?

Some days of late, I have been finding are just well, not as great as they normally are. My standard of happiness is generally fairly level. My days go from good to great to awesome and amazing. They never go down from good until last week.

One day, when the moon had disappeared after the full moon showcase the night before, I had a bad day and I discovered, I wasn’t the only one. Nearly everyone I had spoken to had a bad day that day. Good, so I wiped off that one not so good day.

But then today, another not so good day. But I realised something, I had only a not so great moment, but the rest of the day was either normal, peaceful or beautiful. So why should I let that one moment control how the rest of my day eventuates or how I should feel for the rest of the day.

I  feel like I am talking in riddles. There are moments, where life isn’t great and that is okay. That is how we know we are human. It also provides an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s also important when feeling not so great, to think of all the good moments in the day and cherish them, remember how they made you fell because the not so good moments aren’t who you are, they are just events that you had no control over. So let it go.

If life were predictable and the same every day, how would we push through and make it amazing? How would our motivation to change our current path drive us to a new path?

I am grateful for life’s ups and downs. I am grateful that every day, I can know the bad moments and then count all the good moments and realise how amazing my life is.

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It’s all about the challenge

I wake up from this action-packed dream, I only remember glimpses but the ending is still fresh in my mind. Me (the man) gets asked to climb up this tall tower to get me to the other side. I start climbing when I realise the others, who are a bit further away, are just walking casually to the building.

This reminded me of how I do things, in all aspects of life, I don’t choose the easy path to get somewhere. if I am going to do something, I am going to push and challenge myself every step of the way. Like how instead of writing one book, I’ve written 11 or how I would spend sixty hours in a week towards time on my online magazine, Imagine This.

Interestingly, the dream shows other people getting the same goal easier.

So I had to wonder, if the end result is the same, why do I make it so much harder on myself to achieve it?

The reason: The challenge and growth make me stronger, happier and I thrive on it. It is all about personal growth and if something is too easy, why would I bother?

Do you always like to challenge yourself? Tell me in the comments. I hope this resonates with you and may be help you understand why you push yourself hard.

Because it is about the journey and what you make of it.

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Want business success? Then you have to read this:

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I was telling a friend recently, how I love watching the TV show Million Dollar Listing. She asked me what it was about and I couldn’t help but smile as I stated the different personalities of the real estate successful tycoons.

Then it got me thinking, I have learned an incredible amount by watching these real estate professionals, who are the top sellers in New York, earning commission of $100,000 + (and sometimes much, much higher) per project.

What is interesting to note is:

  • They failed a lot:

In each show, at least one of them had lost a project. Proving that it does not matter how successful you are, you will still experience failure a lot. I really found this interesting because I assumed once you reached a level of status and a huge amount of success that failure would no longer play a part in one’s career. Yet, with these guys, it happens to them frequently and there is no shame in that.

  • Secondly, the reason for their some times failure is because they are not afraid to challenge themselves (other reasons is largely because the client is unrealistic in their demands).

I have to admit when I heard Fredrik Eklund has sold 3.5 billion in New York real estate in the last ten years.(times by roughly 4% commission – you do the maths!), I thought, they have so much money, yet they continue to work so hard. Why? It is great to see that they have the drive and passion to keep pushing themselves to greater heights.

  • They make their work fun.

Real estate is a stressful business, you are relying upon people to buy and sell, however it’s not as simple as making a transaction. They use their skills and talents to push their unique advertising and marketing to the next level and by doing this help push the emotions of those buyers and sellers (and brokers) to deliver the results.

  • They don’t do this alone.

Extraordinarily, they could make big commissions if they sold a whole block of apartments by themselves, but I believe their success relies upon how they gather up to 600 brokers at one event to showcase one of the apartments in an entire block. By gathering brokers to help on-sell their projects, they make a tidy commission, in addition, they boost their chances of a high and fast sell rate. Could they do this, if they tried to sell their apartment blocks themselves with their own client database? May be but may be not as quickly and with the help of others, they are automatically increasing their client base through their broker’s client base by roughly 3000 times (600 brokers x 5 potential clients that are ready to buy per each broker = 3000 potential buyers).

Now, I am not a real estate agent but I believe taking the above key points when running any type of business, will help you reach success.

Do you love watching the show? What have you learned from it?

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Imagination is everything

Enter a child’s mind. Everything is ready to be explored. Everything has a story to tell. Wow, watch this tree come to life and see it move its big branches to protect the tiny fairies. Did your imagination just come to life?

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As adults, we forget that imagination is so important in life. Although, it’s invisible and sometimes seen as a child’s act. An adult with an imagination gets you out of scenario’s. Instead of choosing the road to A or B, you can take C, because C is the path you created. Your imagination wooed you there.

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Where do you find imagination?  Sometimes it can be buried from years of pushing it away, trying to hide it, to appear more grown up and professional. Yet, your imagination should be let loose, be free.

Put yourself in a room with nothing in it. White walls. Dull carpet. No objects within, except for a pen and paper. I bet within ten minutes (if not sooner), your mind will be creating an abundance of stories, characters, scenes with absolutely nothing to spark your imagination. It’s there, waiting for, daring you, to play with it.

Once you activate your imagination, your world, this world, the real world, opens up to you in ways you had never dreamed of before.

Instead of not being able to afford something, you use your imagination to explore other alternate options that may do an even better job than what you would have paid for. Because, it’s not about the money, it’s about the reward of you making what you wanted a reality and finding a way in getting it, without going bankrupt.

Every day, you can go out into the world and discover new and exciting things that spark your imagination, instead of starting the day thinking about what you have to do, think about what will spark your imagination today and watch the world around you, flourish.