The new comedic series: Harrison Court

Take a read of my comedy pilot script of Harrison Court:

Harrison Court is set in the Stepford Moms neighborhood, with Mia and her family who are a modern day family, where just getting through a day and not being seen as perfect is considered normal, however is unaccepted to the Stepford Moms neighborhood.

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Personally, I think it’s hilarious. Enjoy!

Speech writing and music

I was approached by a real estate agent to write a speech he can use in a video presentation.

My first draft was good but not exciting, motivating and catching that I know he was seeking.

So I typed in YouTube – inspiring music and got this:

Now, I rewrote the speech and really felt the power of the music trance within the words.

Lately, I have been finding that playing music while writing has really been helping me express the power behind the message or get into a specific character’s head.

Have you tried this when working on something creative?

Maddox Family Adventures – Kids TV Series

Exciting news, I have uploaded the pilot script of the first episode for my pitch of a new kid’s TV series, titled Maddox Family Adventures.

Maddox Family Adventures is about the adventures of the Maddox Kids, Kelly, William & Derek & what they have to go through in order to find a way back to their parents, who are away on holidays when a volcano erupts, forcing the Maddox Kids to leave their home.

About Episode One: The volcano escape

The Maddox kid’s lives change when an active volcano erupts & they are forced to escape their island home, into the big ocean, only to be faced inches away from a shark feeding frenzy. They are saved by Pirate Boniface. The Maddox kid’s arrive to Laughing Island.

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