How to break out of your shell


When it comes to designing a space, you don’t want to just choose items and colour themes that you think are the latest trend, if this is your home or space, what you really should do, is think about what you love and what brings a smile to your space.

You will feel much more at home when you have designed your own space to suit your personality and likes. It sounds easy and that is because it is. Plus, it is incredibly fun.

Did you hear about the woman who had a pink home? Yes, she loved pastel pink so much, nearly everything in her home was pink. Obviously, if you love a specific colour you don’t need to shower the entire house in it, but you can choose your favourite colour within your design to use as highlights that boost the other objects and colours in your design.

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Creative Online Courses

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I am very excited to be offering creative online classes for those who just can’t get enough of fun!

I find that online courses are a great way to go at your own pace and also apply new routines/methods instantaneously as you read them.

As a creative person myself, I love learning new skills and talents and love to know how I can take those skills further.

From writing online courses that teach you to how to get paid!!,  to fashion advice on how to dress glamorous, even resume tips and so much more!

Is there something you would love to learn? Let me know, I might be able to add it in.

Get happy by being creative!


Writers, you will love my new Online Store!!

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Wowza! After many hours of trying to work out how to add an online store, I finally did it through Ecwid.

Check it out here:

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How I paid next to nothing when I bought my make-up online!!

So I knew my foundation was coming to an end but I was too busy to go buy some new foundation. I saw sale after sale and thought, well I still have some foundation left, I won’t buy it just yet. When my foundation finally came to the end, I couldn’t find any sales!!

I looked at all the usual places online to find a bargain and couldn’t find anything that was worth of my hard earned cash. And then I remembered that Amazon practically sells everything.

I went online and found my Revlon foundation for less than $9. $9! Retail price is normally $35. I clicked add to cart.  I searched for face primer. I have never used face primer in my life, but the make-up artists in store have told me that you apply face primer after your moisteriser and before your foundation, so the foundation doesn’t seep into your skin.

Now, I originally thought this was just a gimmick to get shoppers to spend more. But as I apply my make-up to the back of my hand first before applying to my first, I discovered it’s really hard to get make-up off my hand and if it’s hard for it to come off, then what’s it doing to my face! So I found this primer on Amazon for less than $10.

Now, because I loved to shop I thought what fun activity things can I buy? I have kids, so a small basketball hoop and ball is perfect. Less than $3. Click.

Now for those who live in the US, Amazon does offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. However, as I live in Australia I am not applicable to this service. Although, because my products are light weight, shipping is only costing me $11. That’s a pretty good price when Australian online stores charge me $10 for shipping, so an extra $1 for international shipping is okay by me.

Shipping didn’t take long, although Amazon advised it would take roughly 2-3 weeks. It was shipped within a week and the best part is, I got a surprise. I didn’t realise that the foundation I bought, came with two! Therefore, I actually paid $4 US for one foundation that I normally pay $35 for. BARGAIN!!!

2015-10-15 21.52.14

How to decorate your child’s reading space to create the magic and evoke imagination

Creating a space for children to spend time reading, can be really magical. I always love to think of new and creative ways to create a charming space for kids. Here are some ideas to excite even the most active kids to sit down and read.

Dainty, sparkly and pretty would be the words I would describe for decorating most young girl’s reading spaces.

How about a big lounge chair, large enough for 2 or 3 people. A great comfort setting that will aid when reading to your child.

Or a sweet book shelf, so your child can pick the book they want to read. Gorgeous in style and functional.

To create the right ambiance for a girl’s room or reading space, why not add a touch of exuberance and sweetness to the walls?

To read, one needs excellent lighting and what better way to set the mood, by creating sparkles from the ceiling.

And for those children who like the magic of an undercover space, such as a princess’s castle, then look no further:

And let’s not forget about the boys. Boys may not tend to want to sit down and read, but there are ways to convince them otherwise:

A fire house book holder may be one way to entice a boy to read.

Artwork to fill the space will always excite a child, especially when it’s to do with pirates!

And who better to welcome your child to sit down and read, then Mickey Mouse!

Lighting should never be dull in a child’s reading space, and with this cool train light, watch their imagination begin.

And of course any knight or prince, needs his own space to read, write or play.

If you have the space, other great additions to a reading space, includes:

A set of sturdy table and chairs. Not just for reading, but for arts and craft and play time too.

Blocks to use as foot rests, climbing boards, sitting down to read – so many uses for these blocks!

And finally, a brilliant way to add to your child’s book collection and imagination is by purchasing my children’s eBooks, which are all under $5. Which are all available from Amazon.

AA small version thumb image2 Activities for babies when toys are not enough a-princess-for-a-day-vs2 thumb image exploring for dinosaurs smashwords thumb image kids write your own stories thumb image

Wow, shopping is fun!

Please share this post and comment below on what product you would purchase for your child’s room, from the selection above.

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Style a space to read

Let’s face it, as a writer a part of my role is to day dream… oh yes and day dream I do.

I am sure there are readers out there, who like me, day dream about creating their reading nook.

So I thought, what better way then to day dream about what space I would want to create for my reading corner.

Ready to come imaginary shopping with me? (Another thing I love – shopping!)

First I would start with a Kindle Paperwhite, yes, yes, I would still have hard copy books, but one needs a  good e-reader as well. And as Amazon’s best seller why wouldn’t I opt for the best?

Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Best 4 features that I like about this e-reader device is:

  1. there is no glare, so I could sit outdoors in the sunshine and read.
  2. A single charge can last up to 8 weeks. What! That is awesome. My phone currently has to be on charge 24/7 for me to be able to receive any calls or texts.
  3. Add margin notes. I would love this feature, as I love to give book reviews and it is nice to remember a special sentence that resonated with me, or an interesting event that I can add to the book review.
  4. There is a Vocabulary Builder, what I love about reading is unearthing new words, but instead of writing them down to look-up later and forget how it even related to a sentence, I can do this as I am reading through the e-reader.

Now to set-up the space. To place my Kindle on, I would like something like this:

END TABLE 25"x25"x25"H

A charming end table that you can place your kindle on and may be a glass of wine or a candle to create the mood.

For a good reading session, I need something stylish and comfort to sit on, especially one that comes with a foot stool. And my taste is Italian leather, which makes this ArtisDecor Plywood Lounge Chair and Ottoman perfect for my room.


Let us not forget about a fluffy, rug. 

Sheepskin Rug Double Pelt Natural White Fur 2x6

Lighting is important and I would always love to choose a chandelier for my special place of rest.

And finally a splash of decorative art would sit nicely against my wall:

Wieco Art 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Stretched and Framed Hand-Painted Modern Canvas Wall Art

And of course to start your eBook collection. Why not add my awesome novel, Destiny Lane.

DL Front Final - coloured title


What product is your favourite from the list above? How would you set-up your space?