What happens when you fall asleep to dream? Does it ever feel real? Maybe because it is…

“The ‘why am I here’ question pops into my head and just as swiftly disappears. I feel no fear, no pain and no sadness. What world could portray this? I am flying now. All movement is effortless. I feel like I have been flying every day of my life. I do not have to think about how to fly, I just fly. Another magical trait this world offers.” ~ Excerpt from Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

DL Front Final - coloured title

Imagine a world where having what you want is readily and immediately available. A pure and innocent world that is only accessible by very few, through their dreams.

Destiny Lane is an imaginative and captivating world, filled with friendships, new experiences, out of this world abilities and love interests. When Sara falls asleep, she realises Destiny Lane – her dream world – is real.

Sara has to wrap her mind around new concepts that she has never had to consider before. A world with no money, using the mind to create what one wants and the default emotion of peace. In the meantime, Sara’s life on Earth is below par. Sara is a head-hunter for a modelling agency, Mode Appeal. She seems to have lost her zest for the direction of her career. When Sara starts to explore other avenues, she discovers her real talent is in architecture.

To assist Sara in her current challenges, Sara’s past lives are revealed to her. Life as a princess and an army leader aid in uncovering the answers. Will she choose the same man she loved in a past life that had her killed? And will she use her leadership skills to try and save Destiny Lane from corruption?

Sara is faced with several hard decisions. A love life which only fits into one world. One world she must leave forever. And to be a leader and fight for the survival of Destiny Lane.

Enter this fantasy world through Sara’s dreams and see the magnificence of such a place that is heaven-like. Witness the power of angels, the in-between – a place between one world and the next, plus an array of other fantasy elements that will blow your mind.

By Sara’s life experience in Destiny Lane, she learns to have the confidence to live the life she has always dreamed of, on Earth.

This explosive read is light, moving and thought-provoking. It takes fantasy fiction to a new level.

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Using Pinterest to map out a story idea


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I love browsing through Pinterest. I can use it for a range of day dreaming, from renovating ideas to the home, or adding to my Live your dreams board, which reminds me of all the cool and fun things I want to experience in life. Recently, I wanted to start writing another fiction novel. To be honest though, I just couldn’t get started. I was too jittery. I write all the time, yet, writing another book, starting from scratch seemed a little, I don’t know … ?

So I went on Pinterest. For no particular reason. I typed in red haired woman and that is where my story brainstorming ideas began. I then created a board called, writing story idea. I started with the red head character and decided she would be a cool main character. Someone different. I then started thinking about other characters and as a romance writer, I didn’t want to jump straight to the leading man, because I am not sure (still not sure) if this will be a straight romance novel. (Although, I assure you, romance will be entwined).

So I did some more research on Pinterest. I love those women, who have the bouncy curly hair. So I typed it in, I found my main character’s overzealous best friend. Wonderful. I also found that by searching for multiple array of images for each character, I was able to get into what they look like. (Even though all the images for the specific character is different on my board, I needed to find the diversity from the way they looked, to their hair, their fashion and get a taste of what they look like, from a combination of photos).

It is very fun and interesting to create a story and creating a story board via Pinterest, where you have instant access to a range of images to get your creative juices going is a fun and important process. I even looked up possible scene locations, to help think about where they would be. I am a very visual person and to find images of places and surroundings that inspire me, helps!

Once I thought of some of the characters I would like to include, I also thought about what they enjoyed doing, what were their interests and hobbies.

Of course imagery is one thing, it is up to the author to try to brainstorm who is the lead and then how they are connected and form relationships with the other characters. In addition to, what is the story.

After my first character plotting, I was like, ‘this is fantastic, I am so thrilled to start this process.’ Then I realised, ‘oh no, I have no story. I have no idea what these characters will do?’

I did another session on Pinterest and while searching for more images to get my creative juices going, I discovered how I was going to get all these different characters together and the basis of the story.

I didn’t spend too much time either. Just two separate occassions on Pinterest. Possibly thirty minutes or less each time and in return I have the basis of my story created.

Have you ever tried this for story brainstorming? I would love to see your board!

Ideas for the look of my main character:

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On Mums and running businesses

Are you a Mum and running a business? How do you find juggling everything? In my latest eBook, How do they do it? 16 Business Mums share how they juggle life, I sought Mums who owned their own business to find out the truth on how they juggle it all.

I thought this eBook would be a great resource for Mums thinking of starting a business and wondering how will they make time for it and their family, while also being a great support for Mums who are in business and just need to hear how other Mums are doing it too.

Let me introduce you to one of the Business Mums in my eBook, Leanne Guglielmi who owns Cozy Dozy:


Tell us about how you feel being a Mum and running a business?

Very proud about what I have achieved so far. The business has been great in terms of using the skills I already had from my ten years in the corporate world, as well as stretching me in directions I would have never chosen to go in. I have personally grown through this. However, I think there is a long way to go with the way people perceive Mums in business and what we can achieve.  It was actually said to me one day “they think you are ‘just’ a Mum” so you have those ideas on your shoulders some days. That’s what is so great about the Ausmumpreneur network, really supporting Mum’s in business.

What do you think about this notion? If you would like to read more about Leanne’s business and how she juggles life as well as other Business Mums, click here.

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What I want from 2016

They say, to write down what you want, so here goes.

When it comes to writing in 2016, this is what I want:

Travel Writing


Image via: Pinterest

I want to write travel/holiday destinations and better yet, I want companies to pay me to stay in their resorts and hotels to get the entire experience and write, write, write.

Interior Design


Image via: Pinterest

I would love the opportunity to write about interior design, create my own interior themes and colour schemes and let my creativity ooze through content. I have many grand ideas that are just waiting for a business to aid me releasing them for the world to see.


I love to write about and snap fashion. In order to show off my glamorous side, I need businesses to send me samples of their outfits for me to get snap happy and shoot and then write.

Script Writing / Screen plays

script writer

I love writing screenplays. Not only do I love it, I chuckle about certain lines or characters. I particularly have a love for writing comedies for adults and/or young adults, however also can write adventure scripts for children’s TV episodes.

Flash Fiction / Novels

all books

Yes, I love to write fiction. Fiction novels where I simply allow creativity to overwhelm my thoughts and actions and just let the characters, the scenery and the plot create it’s own destiny.


Image via: Pinterest

Of course, these are just some of the topics ready to explore within me that I need to write about! I am open to all writing opportunities.

Do you have an opportunity for me?

If you are a business that is seeking a writer in the above fields, please know I am very good at what I do and I provide quality, engaging, informative and creative content that draws in readers. Discuss with me your writing opportunity by emailing me at melanie.toye@gmail.com.

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to write for an array of industries including fashion, photography, real estate, tax, financial planning, frugal living, baby products, job selection criteria’s and resumes as well as fiction and non-fiction eBooks. Not to mention, have the opportunity to mentor new want-to-be paid writers with my freelance mentoring program and new authors in my 5 week eBook guide.


On character writing with Claire Varley

On character writing with Claire Varley: How did you come up with your characters for The Bit In Between and how did their personalities evolve throughout the writing of the book?  

From the start the book was meant to be an awkward love story and my two central characters, Oliver and Alison, were the starting point for the story. I knew who they were from the very beginning but as I worked over each version of the story I took the time to anchor them more firmly. By this I mean sharpening their motivations, desires and drivers, and trying to find that unique balancing point of genuine, flawed and well-meaning.

Alison in particular took the longest because I wanted a character who wasn’t sure what she wanted from life but she still needed motivation or else she seemed like this stagnant floundering nothingness compared to the rest of the characters. Her relationship with Sera helped define her motivations and evolved to encompass both a personal and professional element. When I finally figured this out it seemed really obvious and was a bit of a face-palm moment. Throughout the whole process of writing this book, every time I worked out a plot link it was like ‘Of COURSE! Clearly that’s what needs to happen!’ I had a lot of solo micro-Eureka moments with this novel.

In this book I write about a country and culture that is not my own and from the start I felt an incredible sense of responsibility to do this in a way that didn’t diminish, cheapen or rob the humanity from my Solomon Island characters. In my Arts degree Said was my staple and my Masters explored indigenous knowledge and decolonized methodologies, so I was very conscious of avoiding the romanticism and ‘noble savage’ lens through which the Pacific has so often been cast. I was so conscious of ensuring every character in this book was a whole character that had their own backstories and motivations, rather than simply being some kind of furniture for the central characters to navigate around.

Throughout the book there are little vignette’s that provide a momentary glimpse into the lives of passing characters. I decided on this early on because I wanted to provide a story that had central characters yet still engaged with the complex web of people we may only notice momentarily, but who each possess their own story. So in a way it was very much like real life: each character was themself right from the start but the more I got to know them, the more I understood all the things that had come before and made them who they were. 9781743535608

The Bit In Between by Claire Varley, Macmillan Australia, $29.99’

Thank you Claire for sharing how you came up with your characters for your novel, The Bit In Between.

For flash fiction and short story readers:

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Thursdays in the park

Book Cover First Impressions:

To be honest, I picked this book off the shelf (as I generally do, without reading the synopsis). This seemed like a romance novel by the book cover, but I was grateful not to see one of those romance book cover that has the woman and man all over each other, with half their clothing on. (Let’s face it, its embarrassing to be seen walking around with those books!!).


About this book:

Jeanie has been a loving wife to George for over thirty years, a devoted mother to their daughter and, recently, an adoring grandmother – all this despite the fact that several years ago, George withdrew from their marital bed with no reason given. At first Jeanie was determined to confront him, but days rolled into weeks, then years, and still she has no idea why it happened. Did she do something wrong? Is he in love with someone else? George won’t talk about it. Every Thursday, Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park, and there she meets Ray, who performs the same weekly duty for his grandson. Ray seems to be everything George isn’t – a listener, easy to talk to, open-minded – and sexy. Suddenly Jeanie feels attractive again and, against her will, finds herself falling in love with him. She knows all too well that her new passion threatens everything she holds dear. She must make a choice. Family ties, dramas, secrets and lies all weave their way though this beautiful and insightful first novel written by an author who has the perfect experience to write it.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. It provided great insight into how women may perceive themselves when they turn 60. And especially as a younger person, how they may dislike it when a person says, “You look great for your age.” The genre would be romance/drama. Although not the nicest challenges to be presented with in life, it showed the turmoil and thought processes the main character goes through to keep everyone in her life happy, except for herself. When she meets Ray, her inner self jumps in joy, until her nasty son in-law does one of the most cruelest acts possible to destroy their relationship. A great story and if you are looking for something different to love-making romance novels, try this novel.

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From fear to passion


Image via: deviot.tumblr.com

‘I walked in and Raulf was not at the door greeting me as was his routine for three years. My heart startled as I saw him in the open space with Gerald. My one and only thought pulsating strongly in my mind was, have I lost my job?

Raulf looked my way, worried. I walked over to them. Gerald looked over to me, a sense of warmth touched my heart. The assurance that my job was safe by one look, vibrated through my entire being. I walked over and looked at his new collection. Each piece was exquisite in quality workmanship and design.

“I will contact the media of the new collection,” I said. “And I will call on the models who will accentuate these designs and plan for a major event to showcase them.” Gerald touched my arm. I turned to face him, “I know, the sooner we showcase your designs the better.” He touched his hand to my lips. My cheeks heated up then I wondered what Raulf must think.

“This time it’s going to be different,” he said, as he released his soft touch from my lips. He walked around in his brainstorming/creative manner. I pulled out my blackberry ready to take notes. “This piece was done to rebuild confidence in women going through emotional turmoils. I do not want models. I need real women to wear my clothing.” This was going to be difficult. It was rare to find the attributes of a models body in an everyday person. “How you will find those women is up to you,” he said reading my mind.

“The showcase will be in a dark lit space, with down lights to illuminate the gloomy mood. The music will evoke tears in the audience eyes. It has to be emotionally moving. And in two days.”’ ~Excerpt from Free to be with me by Melanie Toye.

About Free to be with me

Free to be with me by Melanie Toye

Free to be with me takes Madison, an assistant to a famous fashion designer, through a self-appreciating journey of fashion, love and design. Free to be with me oozes fun, glamour and most of all hot lustful romance. Will the man Madison falls for, be too risky for her lifestyle? Or will she shy away from it all? Find out in this heart warming, page turner.

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Holding the magic in my hand

Today, I not only have 10 eBooks to my name but now I also have in my hands – my very first paperback novel – Destiny Lane.

To say I am excited, over joyed, thrilled … is not enough.


To see the magic of my pen to paper come alive in print, is truly magical.

I hope you get a chance to read my latest novel, Destiny Lane. A fictional fantasy romance that entails the mystical realms of different worlds, the tangle of past life experiences and what awaits in the present. Not to mention love!

As an author, I would love for you to share this post with everyone and let me know what you think of my book once you read it.


Melanie Toye

Destiny Lane by Melanie Toye

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Fear or intrigue?

“Who are you?” I ask.
The man lets his gaze linger just a bit longer when he takes a step back. “Who do you think I am?”
I am not too sure. My gravest fear involves him being the Angel of Death. However there is something about his eyes. A meaning held deep within. ~ Excerpt from Destiny Lane by Melanie Toyetumblr_mwqs9jXMfx1somvlfo1_1280

Image via: sim201.com

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