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I love being 30, there seems something about just trying everything you have always wanted to do in life.

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That is why I know you will love completing my online courses.

Ever wanted to be a writer?

If you have ever wanted to try writing, from blog writing to writing novels to starting your own business through freelance writing, then my online courses on writing you must try!

Fashion Glam Queen

Do you have a love for fashion? I do! I love to always find beautiful and unique clothes and I give all of my tips on how to do it, with my online glamour course, on how to dress glamorous every day.

Those who love your home

Whether renting or owing, making your home, yours, is a fun adventure that should push through what a home should look like and instead make it yours, whether it’s as creative as feature rooms, or as luxurious as having gold fittings, my online courses from interior designing your home to de-cluttering, you will be inspired and motivated to get started.

For those who are business savvy

Online courses for Mums who want to start their own home business to businesses who want some marketing advice, my online courses will help you start and push your thinking on business to a whole new level.

For the fun-lovers

Online courses in how to choreograph your own dance and how to live like a millionaire, will make your dull week nights, way more exciting.

For those seeking new jobs

Writing resumes and tips to help you win your interview, are what you need right now. Confidence is key and my online courses will give you that winning edge.

Why wait? Sign up today to your favourite online course, which one will you choose? Oooh, so many choices. Christmas is coming, I also sell gift-cards to those people you know will just love the course.

Do what you want to do now, don’t wait any more. Life is to be explored.

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Letting go of anger

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For at least the past week, something has been happening. My very positive, happy demeanor has been deteriorating. Anger was inwardly building. Even on weekends,spent with my loved ones, I felt sad and depressed. I couldn’t shake that awful unhappy feeling, I couldn’t get out of it. I brushed it off, as I do, because that is not me. I am not like that. Every night, I have had dreams. Dreams where I knew there was a message trying to be conveyed. I wrote them all down when I woke up. Then two days ago, around midday I started getting major headaches. I never get headaches!

I started excerising in the past week, which provided an immediate happy effect yet soon died quickly after. I was clinging to anything and everything to try and stay in the happy boat but as soon as I left that space, my mood quickly returned.

So here I am 2.14 am in the morning. The second night this week I cannot sleep, when I was thinking how angry I was about a certain situation and then I realised how instead of blaming that person I should actually look at myself. I woke up and googled, how to release anger and found this excellent article for women:

But I still needed something more, so I went on Youtube and found this excellent guided meditation video:

I took a notepad and pen and as the meditation began I wrote down everything that I was angry about. Throughout the meditation, I felt anxious. I let go of tears in release, I felt absolutely calm and then vulnerable and I am so grateful. I released it all and know right now, I feel better already. That tomorrow, I will return to me and that makes me feel so good.

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It’s amazing how the body responds when dealing with built-up anger, learn the signs and deal with it immediately, to return to you. Sending you good vibes for the week.


Why it’s important to chase your dreams

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I wondered once … really wondered, should I stop chasing my dreams and just go through life?

It’s a question that came up when I was absolutely exhausted. I had kept pushing myself to further and bigger heights as a writer. With this constant change and challenge, I also had to juggle with the rest of my life (which is 100% full on also).

So one day, I just thought, you know what, may be I should just give up? If I quit writing then I will have more time to do the other life stuff.

The truth is and I say this with a smile on my face, I love to write. It’s my passion. If I didn’t write, I would feel dead inside. I would feel like I was just living day to day to day, doing things that I feel like I should be doing (i.e. cleaning the house to perfection) and then one day I would either die sad or just combust and go do something utterly crazy, like not stop writing for days and days and days.

So you can ask yourself, if your dream is something that you can’t stop spending time on, then don’t. Never feel guilty for living your days doing what you love, because one day, your time will end and you will want to know that your days were filled with meaning.



How to use 12 months maternity leave from work to start-up a work from home business

Topics such as: How to make a space and time for your work, to avoid Mummy’s guilt and get into the head space quickly and then leave it, as you leave the room to get back into the family hea…

Source: How to use 12 months maternity leave from work to start-up a work from home business

Want business success? Then you have to read this:

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I was telling a friend recently, how I love watching the TV show Million Dollar Listing. She asked me what it was about and I couldn’t help but smile as I stated the different personalities of the real estate successful tycoons.

Then it got me thinking, I have learned an incredible amount by watching these real estate professionals, who are the top sellers in New York, earning commission of $100,000 + (and sometimes much, much higher) per project.

What is interesting to note is:

  • They failed a lot:

In each show, at least one of them had lost a project. Proving that it does not matter how successful you are, you will still experience failure a lot. I really found this interesting because I assumed once you reached a level of status and a huge amount of success that failure would no longer play a part in one’s career. Yet, with these guys, it happens to them frequently and there is no shame in that.

  • Secondly, the reason for their some times failure is because they are not afraid to challenge themselves (other reasons is largely because the client is unrealistic in their demands).

I have to admit when I heard Fredrik Eklund has sold 3.5 billion in New York real estate in the last ten years.(times by roughly 4% commission – you do the maths!), I thought, they have so much money, yet they continue to work so hard. Why? It is great to see that they have the drive and passion to keep pushing themselves to greater heights.

  • They make their work fun.

Real estate is a stressful business, you are relying upon people to buy and sell, however it’s not as simple as making a transaction. They use their skills and talents to push their unique advertising and marketing to the next level and by doing this help push the emotions of those buyers and sellers (and brokers) to deliver the results.

  • They don’t do this alone.

Extraordinarily, they could make big commissions if they sold a whole block of apartments by themselves, but I believe their success relies upon how they gather up to 600 brokers at one event to showcase one of the apartments in an entire block. By gathering brokers to help on-sell their projects, they make a tidy commission, in addition, they boost their chances of a high and fast sell rate. Could they do this, if they tried to sell their apartment blocks themselves with their own client database? May be but may be not as quickly and with the help of others, they are automatically increasing their client base through their broker’s client base by roughly 3000 times (600 brokers x 5 potential clients that are ready to buy per each broker = 3000 potential buyers).

Now, I am not a real estate agent but I believe taking the above key points when running any type of business, will help you reach success.

Do you love watching the show? What have you learned from it?

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