A mentoring starters program for want-to-be *paid* freelance writers


Melanie Toye is offering you …


A mentoring starters program for want-to-be *paid* freelance writers


A chance to turn your hobby into something more

Hi there,

I have an excellent opportunity to help you get started in your freelance writing career, with the aid of my mentoring starters program for want-to-be *paid* freelance writers.

Working as a freelance writer, I have found certain techniques and patterns that help me gain new business and maintain business to be able to make my writing a business. I am giving you my successful used plan and techniques to not only get you started in your freelance writing career but also to have you earning an income!


  • How to get new clients.
  • How to maintain current business, especially when clients will and do drop off.
  • Language to use that will sky rocket your writing business.
  • How to have social media work for you.

What you will also get

  • A ready-to-use Writing Tracking Spreadsheet which gives you a visual tool of how many hours you are actually applying to your freelance writing success.
  • Website links to websites that pay handsomely!
  • A weekly check-in process, where you can email me with all your questions from the weekly program. Not only will I give you the emotional support you may need to keep focussed and keep pushing forward, I will try and answer all your questions. When it comes to freelance writing, there is no one way approach, in turn I will give you multiple options on how to achieve your goals.
  • A five year plan spreadsheet to help you work out your financial goals, which will help you focus on building your goals and keep you motivated to keep writing.
  • A financial income and expenses sheet for tax time.
  • Tools on setting up social media to link your writing content and building your fan base.
  • A simple contact spreadsheet for you to update with who you contacted and when, plus follow-up notes.
  • Plus daily tasks with detailed instructions to get you started in the right direction!


It is recommended that you have dabbled in writing and that you actually enjoy writing and want to learn how to earn money from it. Also, I think it’s necessary that you want your freelance writing career to work. Most of what I am going to tell you, comes with putting in time to achieve your goals. If you cannot give yourself 2-3 hours every day, 5 days a week towards this program, then this program is not for you. 2-3 hours may seem like a lot, however you can break it up by spending an hour in the morning, during the day and in the evening. Once you start the above process, you will be on the way to building your income as a freelance writer.

What you need to be prepared for

This is an intensive program. You need to allow 2-3 hours every day to work on it for four weeks.

The result

If you are seeking a quick way to make cash, don’t do this program. This program is designed to continually build up the amount you are earning as a freelance writer and the more time you spend writing the more you get paid. You have to put in the effort to get the result. What you will receive is a strong foundation through resources and information. Plus, by doing daily activities, you will get into a habit that offers you steps on how to start your freelance writing career.


During this program I will be sharing with you all my secrets that I have learned over the years that work in gathering new business and having work each week to bring in an income. In addition to all the tools and resources I am giving you as part of the program, plus your chance to start writing immediately and earning an income. How much would you expect to pay?

When you confirm that you want to enter this program and you are 100% committed to this intensive program. Payment will be AUD $499, payable before the program start date. Now if you can earn this money back through your freelance writing by using my tools and your hard work to make it happen, plus make an actual income from it, if you stick to it over twelve months, then this payment will seem like a small investment that helped you grow your career. Plus, you can add this as an expense when you do your end of year tax.

What you will get

Once enrolled, from the start date of your program, you will receive a weekly email with your weekly plan. Your weekly plan will include:

  1. A source that obtains information on how to build your freelance writing
  2. Your daily tasks for the week with instructions on how to complete it
  3. Your writing tracking spreadsheet
  4. Your communication form which can be completed as you go to send at the end of the week

Program dates:

Starts within 72 hours from confirmation of payment.

Course length 4 weeks.

How to enrol

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