5 week eBook Guide

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Over 5 weeks, you will get the inside knowledge of Melanie Toye’s intimate knowledge of the self-publishing online industry.

With valuable information at your fingertips on how to begin and the pathways to go once you publish.

This 5 week guide is for those considering writing an eBook/print book, writers who have written their book but haven’t published it, writers who want to self-publish and people who just want to learn more about the process of what you can do after you write a book to get it self-published, for free.


Week 1 – On writing


  • How and where to find inspiration.
  • How to find time to write.
  • How to create a regular routine to write.
  • How to stay motivated.
  • Plus, it includes the stages of writing an eBook.

Week 2 – Cover Design and Pricing of the eBook


  • How to create your own eBook cover design and save hundreds of dollars.
  • How to determine the pricing of your book.

Week 3 – Online Retail Distribution Business


  • Specific information relating to selling your eBooks with Amazon.
  • Specific information relating to selling your eBooks with Smashwords.

Week 4 -Marketing Campaign and Promotion


  • Ideas on ways to market your book.
  • How to self-promote yourself.
  • How to get noticed by the media, online and in print.
  • Three Month Marketing Campaign and Planner on a zero to small marketing budget.

Week 5 – Advice for after you publish your first book


  • How not to fall into the trap every new writer faces.
  • How to find the best genre for your next novel to get seen.

What you will also get

  • A Writing Excel Tracking Sheet for all stages of the novel process.
  • A Sales Report for you to update for each sale and copy sold.
  • A Financial Income and Expenses Excel sheet for tax time.


AUD $299.00.

What you will get

Each week you will receive a PDF document with detailed information relating to the week’s topics. In addition to, the relevant resources needed for that week.

Program dates:

Starts within 72 hours from confirmation of payment.

How to enrol

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