Declutter your home


Is your house feel like it’s getting out of control with clutter! With Melanie Toye’s online class, you will learn how to let go of the meaning behind the items you have scattered everywhere. How to make a place for everything that you want to keep. The emotions you might experience and then what’s life like on the other side of clutter-free home. Just imagine!

This online course can occur at your own pace. Simply sign-up today and within 72 hours, you will be emailed your online course in a PDF format, so you can read on any device.


  • How to let go
  • How to make space without spending $$$
  • How to make time to declutter.
  • What you should keep.
  • The emotions you will feel and how to keep pushing through
  • Once you have decluttered, where to from here.

What you will also get

Includes a six monthly declutter planner and instructions to help get you started, excited and keep you on track!

Having a visual planner of what week of the month you will be decluttering a particular room, helps you breathe by knowing that your clutter will be eliminated soon and that the job isn’t too overwhelming, trying to do your entire home in one day.

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