Interior Designing for your home – 7 week online course


Are you looking to revamp your home? It’s amazing how we think our house has to be dull and boring, for resale etc., yet if we are living in a space for 2-3 years and beyond, wouldn’t you like to be surrounded by a space that makes you feel good?

From luxury high-end living, to beach living appeal, to feminine spaces and even creative spaces, to children’s rooms, Melanie Toye’s Interior Designing for your home online course, will help you turn your current space into one that you always dreamed of!

Topics include:

# Designing, brainstorming, getting creative before you begin

# How to create rooms that really make your heart sing

# How to transform a space for relaxation

# How to transform a space for your dining room

# How to transform your main bedroom into the haven you seek

# How to transform your children’s room into fun and restfulness.

# How to create a fully-functional living space.


Plus, by enrolling in this course you will also receive:

# Tips on how to get smarter with your budget to get everything you want in the space

# Tips on using different heights, colours and furniture to create and feel that you want

# Activities such as vision boards to help you see the style you want

# Plus, an excel spreadsheet filled with formulas, to help you budget

# And a planner to help give you a step by step process on what needs to be completed to get you started, where you simply just enter the dates you want to complete it by.

If you are itching to get started, do it today! Buy this online course and you will receive your first week’s documentation and resources within 72 hours of receipt.

How to register:

To enrol in Melanie Toye’s online course, simply click Buy Now PayPal button below:

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