Your guide to Marketing your Business (4 week online course)

Melanie Toye gets asked a lot to help market businesses. If there is one thing Melanie knows, it is how to make a workable marketing plan and strategy for your business.

This practical guide, shows you how to market your business and the thought processes to getting a larger audience. If you don’t know what to do, you can’t apply it.

This in depth online course will look at online marketing and how to ensure your business gets seen in the second by second updates from around the world and how to work with traditional marketing.

As an extra bonus, when you purchase this online course, you will also receive the following resources that you can tailor to your business:

– Your Financial Marketing plan. Inclusive is a prepared formula driven Excel spreadsheet to enter your marketing budget and more.

– Your Business Marketing Strategy and Performance Tracking Workbook.

– Your Marketing Organisational Platform. Inclusive is a task list to add in your time frames to complete your marketing tasks and much more.

To get started with your first week’s course material and action plan, purchase using PayPal below:

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To view more of Melanie Toye’s online classes, ranging from fashion to interior design, job skills, writing and more, click here.


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