Dreams are meant for chasing


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Have you day dreamed lately?

It seems that lately I don’t even know what rest is. Except for when I crash at bed time. I have been pushing everything into every possible time slot I have. This suits me, don’t get me wrong. I struggle when I don’t have the energy to do anything, because I feel I am wasting my time.

But every Saturday, I used to spend a couple of hours day dreaming. I would either paint, something my entire life I have felt I was never good at, so never did. Yet, I started painting when I had children and buy us all posters and paint and decorate our home with an art gallery that was truly treasured.

Or spend the time, choergraphing a dance that may never get performed.


During these times of creativeness, my brain would be free to roam. Imagining what it would be like to live my dreams and live as a creative being. I must admit, I already am living the creative life, I have embraced it. As it is me. I am creative. I can be business, corporate and a marketer but ultimately my passion lies in creativity.

So why did I stop dreaming?

A part of me forgot that to dream, I must stop what I am doing and just be. Live in the moment that is real.

A part of me was too tired to really even give my brain a chance to reconnect with my soul.

And a part of me just let life take over and push aside my day dreams with tasks that I deemed important at the time, yet really, what could be more important?

What happened when I stopped dreaming?

My smile started to slip. My eyes started to draw tears more easily. I started to wonder if I would ever get a chance to breathe, really breathe. I waited and waited, would my opportunity ever happen again?

Then one day, my youngest child wanted to go to the playground. We spent hours there, normally just a quick walk through to get back home. I sat down, with my legs on the steps and realised, in this moment, I can breathe. My child is laughing gorgeously as he runs freely on the grass and I watch him in awe. This is what we all need. Time to roam freely.

For me it was sitting there, under the sun, with the birds singing, my child playing and me, just breathing.

When was the last time you let yourself roam free? I dare you to try it right now. Take a breath, put on some music, get outdoors and just imagine how you really want to live your life. Let your mind take you there and let your soul feel the life you want.





Sometimes life is fine but something doesn’t feel right

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You know when your life is good, real good and yet there is something inside, within you, this niggling feeling that may be something feels missing.

It’s probably nothing, but it’s keeping you on edge. You may be feeling a little bit angrier or frustrated or just tired.

Sometimes, when we don’t have an exact plan for our current future, we feel out of control and feeling out of control can be very overwhelming. Yet, if you are going through this, simply embrace it. Relax, don’t try to rush anything. Now is not the time. Notice the feeling, acknowledge it, then let the fear aspect of it go.

It’s very normal, this feeling and it is good to have, because it is forcing you to really stop and look at your life. May be you have been putting off a tough subject, of possibly finding a different job, or looking at a new career, or trying something new, however, a part of you is not sure how to even begin the process. Do you really want to look for a new job?

This is where it gets tricky. You can’t move forward because you are too scared to let go of your current circumstances. You actually seem to be unable to move at all or even think about it. Why? You have built up your life, your relationships and your emotions are all tied in this current life experience, if you do something differently, this will shake up that part of your world that is current and have to start the entire process all again.

Hence why, you are putting off the entire self-chat you need to have with yourself. In your self-chat, you never know, you may actually decide to stay in your current life path. On the other hand, you may decide to move on but you are not going to know until you take a moment, (a bit longer than a moment), may be 20 minutes to begin with (allow a good hour, just in case you need it), to ask yourself those big life questions, of whether or not you should make a change or not.

Until you do, you will feel that awful, out of control feeling that something is just not right. Make the time. Sit down in a quiet space and ask those big questions and answer with honesty. You don’t have to make any big decisions, you just need to work out if you want to stay in your current life path or change it?

It is important to know, there is no right or wrong answer.

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When you know you’ve got more to give but don’t know how to give it

I generally feel fulfilled until I listen and watch a music clip or some inspiring masterpiece and I think, am I doing enough in fulfilling my passions in life and sharing them with the world?

I am not sure if many creative people feel this way, I suspect that is part of the reason why some of us just want to have more recognition about our skills, not to show off, but purely to know we are sharing our talents and therefore spreading the light and joy that we feel, creating and making something so inspiring that it touches the deepest depths of our soul.

I guess this is why I write. It helps me reach that inner feeling of contempt, awe and peace.

I have always said this from the beginning but if I had heaps of money, I would still write because it is the essence of my soul. In a way, words help connect with my soul to help me think about the world we are in, the people we meet and the true essence of our selves and our inner light.


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Sometimes I do wonder, is it enough? Am I reaching enough people? When they read my work can they feel what I can feel when I write it?


Is it enough? Will it ever be enough? Perhaps that is why artists keep writing lyrics and keep producing new albums and music videos, because no matter how successful they are, they can’t let go of something that sparks their inner light and can’t help but want to share it with the world.

What lights up your life? How do you share it with the world?

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Because you might not be feeling it now but one day you might and you need to know what to do

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Imagine, one minute you are feeling cornered, stuck and then the next you are jumping in the air and instead of falling back hard on the ground. The air keeps you up, as you look down at those who are chasing you and you poke your tongue at them below.

They hang around for a minute but annoyed they have no one to pick on, they leave.

What you do next, might just determine your future power and growth…

Sometimes in life we don’t know how powerful and strong we are, until we get cornered. Can we fly? May be. It just depends on one thing, if you believe you can.

Now, before you go and test this theory (literally), what I mean is, when you ‘feel’ cornered by life’s problems that you may have (most likely) caused, which now feel out of control and unsure how or when you will get back on that awesome life track, the first thing you must do immediately is to stop thinking negatively or in a blaming manner. Immediately, you must think of what opportunities this life challenge presents you and know there is a way out and not just one way but multiple ways.

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But you can’t think about them if your mind is going a hundred miles an hour from freaking out! Watch this wisdom from Oprah:


Hector and the Search for Happines

Don’t live life like this! Image via: www.youtube.com from the movie, Hector & The Search for Happiness

I just watched this movie, Hector and the search of happiness, where a psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness. Lately, happiness has been on my mind. I am a positive person, so this not uncommon for me to think about. Yet, with the daily stressed compounding and the never ending tasks, time for self, relaxation, joy and laughter seems to be pushed further and further away.

In the movie, it was interesting to see the main character go on his own journey to find happiness and experience the cliches of happiness – being rich, women and then the more heart warming – helping others etc. until his happiness truth comes to the forefront and the realisation hits that he experiences sadness, fear and happiness simultaneously that he discover what he truly wants from life that there is no more pretending and simply going through the daily motions.

When do people stop living their truth? Why sell yourself short of such a wonderous and amazing journey?

I know what I need to do to move forward. I also know those experiences that give me the three main emotions simultaneously, fear, sadness and happiness – writing.

I will not give up. It’s my time to write for me. It’s important to not get tracked from our purpose in life and to continually check in with yourself, ‘is this bringing happiness into my life?’ If it is any other answer, then stop doing it immediately.

To add some sparkle to your day check this out: 365 ways to bring sparkle to your day online guide.


When enough is enough …


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I am a huge motivator addict. I love to get motivated, I love to inspire others. I love to read about success stories and dream big.

There is something though that has been bothering me and it took me some time to work at what it is …

I discovered that, when reading quotes like, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein, are fantastic to inspire those to push harder and bigger to achieve your desired result, but sometimes, what we have right now (and by this I don’t mean materialistic items, I mean in terms of where we are in our dream chasing journey), is enough.

For the last 9 months I have been pushing myself to get out there and really go for my big goals in life, I ended up losing sight of the goal and instead focused on a step of the goal, but forgot what it was I was really seeking. The step was part of it, but I turned it into the entire aspect. I became stressed out, angry, frustrated. I forgot what it was like to play, have fun and live freely, which is always my end desired result – to be free to explore my creativity.

What I completely forgot in the process was, I don’t have to change anything if I don’t want things to change. In other words, if I am satisfied with the progress I am making at this time, then I can continue the path I am on, instead of stressing to do more, be more and try to think of another way.

I told my friend this, who responded with, ‘Once you realise at this, you receive a sense of calm’ and I do. I feel a lot more happier and I really appreciate what I am achieving at this moment.


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It’s hard to describe but instead of trying to push forth to reach the 100th step to my desired goal, right now, I am hanging around the 65th step, because I want to and for me it works. It makes me happy. Anymore, at this stage in my life, is too forced and makes my life unbalanced, making me not happy. Why would I want to destroy everything I have worked hard for, have passion for, due to wanting haste in my goal? This is a journey, a life journey and I see that now. I am excited to be where I am, I am excited to still seek opportunities, grow and challenge myself, at my pace. I feel a whole lot calmer, happier and more creative than ever.

I want to stress the point that this doesn’t mean I am giving up, I am simply changing my mindset that I can actually enjoy the journey as well as all aspects of my life, by appreciating where I am now and how ‘enough’ it is for me.

Are you happy with your current progress towards your goal? I would like to hear your thoughts.

Be the light


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I want to share with you something. You know when you have to do something, but not sure what?

After watching the news about the Paris terror, I felt anxious, nervous, and a word that is worse than sad … speechless, shocked, numb. Tragedy and right before Christmas … so many thoughts running through my head.

Over the next few days, I have avoided watching the news channels and even to some degree spending time roaming on social media. Because I didn’t want to see the bad news. I didn’t want the fear and anxiousness to rise and win.

What I didn’t expect was to hear something from deep within. You could call it my inner voice. It came from nowhere, but it was loud. “Be the light to the world.”

It felt so strong, this urge to be the light. For when fear reigns, disaster strikes, it can be so easy to get swept up in the sea of emotions. But what if through the pain and devastation you found something that for a fleeting moment made you feel less pain and more at peace. What if, something as simple as a smile could touch your heart so deep that it could bring tears to your eyes?

Instantly I thought, “come on, how can I spread light to the world?” The answer came back pretty quickly, “through your biggest following on your blog. That is where you need to start.”

So world, what I want you to know right at this moment is, it’s okay to feel the heavy weight of emotions from the turmoil that is occurring right around the world. But it’s also okay to feel inner peace, because if we all start to feel an inner peace within ourselves then may be the world won’t be so bad tomorrow? #bethelight


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