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Remember the reason why you started

There are times when you discover your passion, you spend so much time living it, loving it and embracing all that is that ignites your being, your soul.

You want this feeling to last. You want more than ever to share what you have found so much joy and fulfillment from, with others.

Then you think, what if I can do this full-time, living a life that I love? Wouldn’t that be brilliant? No longer would I waste time, living a dull life. So you carve your life plan around your passion. You want so desperately to make it apart of your life.

And then for a brief moment, as the focus suddenly changes to how do I make enough money from living my dreams, doing what I love? And then through mortgage repayments, stress of money adds up. Ideas begin to slow down. Each morning you wake up, fearful that you will have to return to your old day job. That you will lose something you have held so close. You hold your dream tightly. You timidly and recklessly move through a direction. But is that what you want?

And then something takes hold of you and gives you a glimpse into what made you fall in love with your passion. That first moment it clicked that was your destiny. And you realise, for a short time, you lost track of your dream. It wasn’t about if you could survive, it was about, making others feel good through your story-telling, through the love you had bursting out from you.


Image via writetodone.com

You remember the excitement when the wheels started moving in motion, opportunities started spreading their wings and you were flying. Freedom was ready for you waiting. But fear took hold. You forgot to keep moving and instead was trapped into the slumber of worry.

But that one glimpse of remembrance, reminded you, its time to continue moving forward. Its time to embrace, love, laugh at every possible moment of your life. Because why waste it?

Sometimes we forget our motives, other times we focus on them too much. Let go of your fears and don’t just live out your dreams but let them excite you every day.


Image via wnison.deviantart.com