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Over five years I have been a freelance writer, in addition to writing books, creating online magazines, working and looking after a young family. My motivation is what pushed me to work late nights, while the children were sleeping, with the aim to change my life and earn immediate funds to pay for the ever-growing money that our daily lives need and want.

I started the experience blind but went in with guts and found work immediately. Not only that but I was working to earn a weekly income, which provided me with the flexibility to be at home with my children part-time and work the other part-time hours.

I have so much knowledge in the industry, in addition to all the fears felt by a freelancer, such as will their be enough work around when there are heaps of competitors (the answer is yes, but I explore why there is enough).

Plus, I show you how to run and manage your own business. Because once you become a freelancer, not only do you need to learn how to manage your time to meet your client’s deadlines, you also need to know how to think of your freelance writing as a business.

I can assure you, once you take my online course and follow the steps and keep up with the program and then continue to follow it after it ends, over the following twelve months you will see freelance writing opportunities coming your way and did I mention paid opportunities!

If you are serious about getting into writing, then wait no longer. Sign up today so you can start earning an income to give you the freedom to work for yourself and be anywhere in the world.

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5 tips to chasing your dreams, from a dream chaser

I know all too well about chasing dreams. Especially how leaping through major jumps are more regular than one would assume, when it comes to chasing dreams. But that’s what makes it a dream, right? A dream has to be BIG and amazing and absolutely one hundred percent what you want from life.


I have listed five tips in chasing your dreams, which will help you push through the hype and make your dream your reality.

1. Dream big and take a leap

When I dreamed about publishing my first novel, Entice Me. It was a massive dream. A big dream. I knew exactly how I wanted the book cover to appear and I knew what I wanted from it. When I achieved that big dream, I realised I could create even bigger dreams and go for it.

It is important to dream big from the beginning and to never lose sight of that dream and one day you will achieve it and you will think – wow, I did it!! And better yet, what’s next?

2. Never give up and your dream will never fail

If you never give up, then you have to succeed. Your plan may change along the way from the original. But it will be still your dream. And by not focussing on how you achieve it, you will find a way to achieve it. This might sound a little cryptic but what I mean is, there is not just one path way to make your dreams happen. For many achievers, they have to find multiple different pathways to lead them to their dream career.

3. Be open to amending your plan after you review it

Along the road of chasing my dreams, I would review the progress of my dream chasing. In terms of my distribution of readership, to the timing of promotions and when and where people would purchase my eBooks. Every three to six months, I would review my progress and see what was working and what I needed to rethink in terms of improvement and new marketing strategies.

4. Discover what will motivate you, to aid in procrastination

Whenever I started to procrastinate. I would remember the reason why I started. There is always a reason why you want to begin your dream journey, use that as motivation to push through those times, when you don’t want to work on it. Sometimes we just need a little push and we are back into that zone again.

5. Tell others and more doors will open

One of the scariest thoughts of when I was writing my book, was how my family and friends would react when they discovered I had written a book. I wondered if they would approve. Turns out, everyone has been majorly supportive and the more people I told, the more I gained confidence in my own ability and dream. And even at the most surprising events, I could be chatting to a person and then end up with a new client to write for. As part of the dream chasing journey, you will soon realise, the more you speak about your passion in life, the more people will want to be a part of your journey. Why? Because your zest for your dream will be passed through to all those you meet.

The other major tip to remember is, don’t expect for someone to find your talent, show them. Many businesses or artists place websites which they never update in the hope that people will flood to their site. It doesn’t work like that. You have to spread the word and you have to get people to find it good enough to spread it too.

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A haunting question – will I ever achieve my dreams?

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Sometimes when we feel we are lost. We do not know where we are going. And there is no map to follow. We don’t know how to feel. Should we give up, turn around and go down the same road we have all our lives? And for what, to wonder, what if I kept going? What if that opportunity was just around the corner?

I have achieved so much with my writing career to date (and I am not here to boast). Rather, of late, I have been unsure of the direction. I am unsure of how to make that final leap to grab hold of it.

I have so much to give. So much to offer the world, with the stories filling my mind. And yes, when you take on a career as a writer. One must write!! *Key to success, right there* – 😉

Writing means so much to me. And perhaps, of late, I am thinking too much of the end of the road. Rather than the road I am travelling on right now. And if that means, I need to stop and take in the scenery and build on what I have been working on and making it happen. Then, perhaps it is meant to be. This very moment. Sitting in my home office. Writing, for you to read.

It is an incredible honour to have you read my thoughts and processes. But more importantly, what I want you to take from my perhaps criptic message is. If you know what you want. And you have been working hard for years to make it happen. Forget about the final leap, which may be a simple small step in a particular direction. Just focus on your current path. If you are unsure, how you will make it to your end destination. Let that stress of that end result go and break free from the stress you have put yourself under and enjoy what you love. Being a perfectionist or trying to meet a timeframe, can become unrealistic. Do not see this as failure. Just see it as a competition to meet that target. And if you don’t get there in time, just keep going at your pace.

The last thing you ever want to do, is become so stressed about the idea you have in your mind, of having that end result now. That you give up on your biggest dream. And you may, not realising, be only a step away from achieving it. Never give it on your dreams. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Go for it. And keep going.


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Remember when you get lost. You can find some amazing life experiences, that you will treasure forever. 

Happy Sunday!

If failure is not an option, then one must succeed



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It all began with a dream and by jumping into every opportunity. I have to say my dream chaser journey has ended and my reality of living my dreams has begun.

Its uncanny though, how if I really look at it, I was always living my dreams. It was simply my mindset that I had to change from chasing my dreams to living them.

I pictured how this day would feel every day of my adult life.

As my writing career began. It has now officially transferred from hobby to business. Although I have acted as if it was a business from day one. Overtime with the proven growth of my clientele skill improvement and never-ending focus of my achievement. The day has finally arrived.

My belief in myself to never give up in myself and my truest destiny for life has come back to give me a pat on the back. And a tick towards another milestone. Although I know a dream big enough has many milestones, big and small achieved to get me to this point. I am so proud of this moment and excited that my determination to keep pushing myself has been worth the effort. But I guess when you know you can never give up on your dreams, failing is not an option. Failure is truly a perception, if one step does not go ahead as planned, you review and re-plan, and make another step. Eventually you will make it.

It is incredible, to have something I have envisioned as something I would achieve in the future, to have achieved now. It feels awesome, amazing, life changing. And it is.

And the best part is, I have so much more I want to accomplish. And I know, soon enough, I will.


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Shh … You need to know something, but it’s a secret.



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Can you keep a secret? Sure you can, that’s why I am telling you.

I have worked hard to become a success and you can too.

If you create a plan, a detailed plan of your future, even if it’s just a year of your future. If you could look back in a  year and cross off everything you had wanted to achieve, then you will be a success.

Success is not measured in wealth or  awards. Success is measured in planning for what you want from life, doing what is required to make it happen and then seeing that with faith and hope, determination and drive to move forward into the unknown, you did it!

From the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, a real life story of the father talking to his son, comes this:

Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right? 

Christopher: All right.
Christopher Gardner: You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

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Looking back at 2012 …


Looking back at 2012 I am stoked to see how far I have come. The dream to be living off a full time wage as a writer as well as bring up my son have never escaped my thoughts. With this dream and motivation I have been able to push myself out of my comfort zone, follow an invisible path with no road map and come out feeling more alive than ever.

Here is what I started and achieved. Look at the below as goal posts and see how I began my paid writing career.
In 2012 I had no idea how to chase my dream as a paid writer.
In 2012 I started this blog and now have over 14,000 readership.
In 2012 I sourced freelance writing work and received regular paid work from February right through to December. I was writing in fields I had never written about before yet embraced the audience and content and learned much about what type of content and language drew more readership to the sites etc.
In 2012 I released my four years to write novel, Entice Me on and of which I self-published and self-promoted.
In 2012 I spent four months solely on marketing Entice Me via free methods that gave me excellent coverage to mass audiences such as a 2 page feature in the Courier Mail which is the third largest newspaper distributor in Australia. As well as other newspapers, magazines, interviews and profiles. And please note marketing is still continuing.
In early 2012 I feared in 2013 I would be forced to return to my day job full time.
In mid 2012 I was receiving enough income from freelance writing to continue working part-time.
In late 2012 I realised I had achieved a great milestone in knowing that’I had come so far in chasing my dreams.
In 2012 a new printed publication took a chance on me and welcomed me to be their short story writer.
In 2012 I received awards and nominations for this blog, all of which I am grateful for.
In 2012 I created a network of writers from all around the world of which have not only helped promote my work yet now we are so close we are co-writing a book of short stories together titled 8 Slices of Cake, which will be released soon.
In 2012, I wrote and published 3 more ebooks for children, ‘Activities for Babies – when toys are not enough’, ‘Kids, write your own stories’ and ‘Annabelle’s Angels’.
I achieved the above and more and I am so proud of where I started at the beginning to where I am now. Looking back at what you have achieved in a year is incredibly uplifting to see how far you have come and how closer you are to achieving your goals.

You may read this and see it reads as if to boast, but what I would rather you do is to read it as if its a step by step goal sheet when working out targets to achieve your goals, especially if it is to earn a decent income from writing. It can be done and it can be achieved and I believe you can do it. There are so many different avenues to earn money through writing and what I suggest is to be as varied as possible. Write about as many different subjects and genres as you can to continue to receive more paid writing opportunities.


Follow your dreams

Good luck and send me your success stories in a years time!

Feel Free

I discovered something more about myself today, I am a free spirit.


I always have been but for years I pushed that side of me far away, believing nobody wanted to be around that person and that I had to grow up and leave that side behind.

But really now more than ever I feel like a free spirit. Now that I am following my true calling in life, to write and explore the world through imagination and share it with the world. I feel that I have broken down so many barriers and peeled away the layers of my being that now what remains is a butterfly ready to gracefully flutter about in all and many directions she sees fit. No more worry about what people think and leaving behind the haters instead of trying to please. For once I have put the confidence and support into me and have gone full steam ahead.

Now I break free from the shackles that I once let myself be tied up in by those who did not want me to succeed. I run fast into the wind and open my wings to glide in the air. Freedom has never looked brighter.

It is true, once you push yourself, face your challenges and push past those who have no interest in you. Once you realise that your ultimate dream in life is standing there waiting for you to take it and run with it in the wind. Then after the crazy journey you take and as your original self returns to be the person you knew you could always be. Then smile, spread your wings and reach even higher.


Yours sincerely,
Melanie Toye
The Butterfly Free Spirit
Writer and Author
And your Dream Motivator